Chapter one- The Announcement

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*Virgil's POV*

Virgil sat and ate, taking note of the tension in the air. Something was up.
"Remy," said Darcy, one of the kings. "We have something important to tell you."
"What is it now?"
"You're engaged."
Well, that was a twist.
Remy set down his fork and looked at his dads. "I'm what?"
"You're engaged to a prince of another kingdom, his name is Roman. He'll be arriving here next week for the celebratory ball. Your wedding is in three weeks." said.
"Virgil, you're going to be his best man," said Damen.
"Why?" That would cause exactly the type of attention Virgl hated.
"Because you're Remy's brother. It's what he wants."
"I never said that."
Damen sighed.
"Is there someone else you'd rather have as your best man?" John asked.
"No, Virgil is fine."
"Excellent. When you're done eating, meet us in the throne room and we'll discuss some wedding plans." Damen got up from his chair and left, followed by his husbands.
"So, you're engaged," Virgil said.
"Apparently. I'm not sure how to feel about it honestly. It would be cool to at least know the guy beforehand."
"Yeah, that makes sense. At least it's a guy though."
"Yeah, definitely." Remy stood up. "Now, I have to go make plans for my wedding. Wish me luck."

A little while later, Virgil sat in his room with Remy.
"So, tell me about your fiancé, your wedding or whatever."
"His name is Roman, he's 18, and that's all they'll tell me. He also has a twin brother who's also coming for the wedding. For the wedding itself, we have decided absolutely nothing important. Just a part of the guest list."
"And what would you consider 'important'?" Virgil asked.
"The decorations, the music, and most importantly, the food and drink."
Virgil should have known Remy would say that.
"And the wedding is in three weeks?" Virgil asked.
A knock came from Virgil's door. He opened it to find a palace servant.
"Good morning, Prince Virgil, your presence is requested in the dining hall," they said.
"Why?" Virgil asked. It's not like he had a wedding to plan or anything.
"Your parents have arranged for you to discuss your outfit for your brothers wedding with Sir Gray."
Sir Gray has designed outfits for the royal family for as long as Virgil could remember. He was also ancient, and very impatient.
"Well, I guess I should be going then."

Roman's POV:

Roman stood outside the breakfast hall, he could hear his parents talking in hushed tones through the door. He mentally sighed and walked in, knowing something was up.

He sat down to breakfast with his parents, noticing his brother Remus was missing. He didn't pay any attention to it, Remus was often skipping things like this after all, he wasn't one for rules or schedules.

As he was pouring syrup over his waffles, his mother broke the tense silence that had settled over them all.

"Roman." She waited for him to set down the syrup before she continued. "As of this morning, you are engaged."

Well, that was news.

"I'm what now??" Roman looked between his mother and father, trying to tell if this was a some kind of joke.

"You're engaged." His father spoke up this time. "To a very nice prince a few kingdoms over. The wedding is to be held in three weeks time, and we shall be leaving for his kingdom next week for the celebratory ball and so that you two can get acquainted with one another before the meeting at the alter."

Roman shook his head a bit and sighed. This wasn't what he had expected when he came down to breakfast, but he wasn't exactly surprised. He was a prince at the age of eighteen, and lord knows his parents wouldn't try to marry off his brother, so that meant he was next in line for an arrange royal marriage. Of course, he would prefer to marry for love, but royals so rarely got that option.

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