Louis Tomlinson Dirty Imagine

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-Warning: This is for you you Vanessa Darling! SMUTASTIC SO ENJOY YOU NAUGHTY DIRECTIONERS! ;D -

"Lou?" I called out as I felt a pair of familiarly rough yet tender lips attach to the skin of my neck sucking softly. "Hmm?" He muttered stopping for a second. "What are you doing?" I asked considering the most me and Lou have ever done is make out every now and then. "Nothing" he replied before nibbling on my neck which caused me to let out a soft moan. I hope he didn't hear it. I heard Louis groan; "That had to be the hottest thing I've ever heard Nessa, I wanna hear it louder and over and over again." He spoke looking into my eyes. "Feeling Cheeky are we ayye'?" "More like extremely horny for my extremely gorgeous girlfriend" "We-" I got cut off by Lou's lips crashing onto mine as he pushed me onto the bed. I liked him like this I must admit. Now I'm not a virgin but I only ever slept with one other guy and it was almost a year ago. Louis climbed over top of me and straddled me. "I want you so bad Vanessa" I think it's about time I let him in, the poor lad has been almost 11 months without any ass. "Say the words and I'm yours" I whispered attempting to be the least bit appealing. He took off his shirt revealing those tan drool worthy abs that get me every damn time.

I must of been staring at him longer than I thought cause' next thing I know we were both naked. I noticed his HUGE member was throbbing to be touched so I reached for it. He grabbed my hand away. "No Vanessa. Tonight is all about you baby girl" he said softly. I smiled because even though I made him wait all this time he wants to pleasure me. He positioned himself at my entrance before thrusting himself fully into me. I could almost feel him in my stomach.

"Oh fuck Lou" I half moan Half screamed as he started moving in and out of me each time getting harder and faster. "Nessa your so damn tight!" He moaned out thrusting even harder, then he hit this magical spot that made me see stars. "Shit Louis YES r-right there!!" I felt that amazing coiling in my stomach. "L-Lou I'm close" "Me too babe".

He thrust a few more times before I just let go and came all over him. "Fucking Hell" he moaned before releasing inside of me. He collapsed besides me his breathing just as ragged as mine. "That was amazing" he mumbled pulling me too him. "It was Fabu-Louis" I giggled "Your so damn corny" he laughed a bit. "You know it" I spoke smiling to myself. "You know what else I know?" He continued. "What?" I asked knowing what he had in mind. "I'm ready for round two"


Heya! I hope you liked it Vanessa and all you other directioners who read this. Sorry if it was crap, I didn't really put any foreplay into this one. I'm still trying to get the hang of this! But send me some requests you sexy mofo's lol imma stop.

Bai! :)

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