“I can’t believe that?! Lou was at the bitch side?! Damn?! I’m the one who’s helping here for him... And now He’s mad at me?! Oh C’mon?!” you’re walking home while murmuring “I’m trying to be good here?! And now I’m the bad! HAAAAAAAAAA!” you scream

“(y/n)?!” someone calling you and you stop and turn around and saw Jack

“Jack?! Are you following me?” you asked him

“Hmmm... Yah?..” He said

“Well? Since?” you asked

“Since you walk away... I ran after you and followed you... I just want to see you go home safe...” said Jack

“Neh?! Go away!” you said and continue walking the Jack ran after you and hold your arm and said

“Hey?! What's the problem? I was concerned about you? Can you just please stop and tell me what’s going on to you?” Jack said politely and you look at him and sit at the sidewalk bench.

          “OK?! Here I go... *sighs* Last day? While waiting to Lou, I’ve saw Elly with a another guy, and they were sweet to each other, and I saw Louis was fast approaching I ran to Louis, and left the backfield, and didn’t tell him so he’ll be ok... then now?! This earlier when we’ve arrive I saw again Elly with the same guy, and they were kissing, and I just shut up ‘coz I’m with you then I saw Louis was standing waiting for her, and then when I went to the comfort room I saw Elly entering after she threw the Gift of Louis that he gave to Elly... and now! I saw again Elly kissing with the same guy and this time I... I mean we caught them and the guy left her, and I try to tell her about Louis ‘coz she was just playing the feelings of my Lou... Then Louis caught me pulling Elly’s hair, and He didn’t let me explain, and he was with that bitch girl’s side!” you were talking to fast

“Sooo?...” Jack said

“I’m in LOVE with Louis?! Don’t you understand?! Everything I can do for him to make him happy... but now he’s mad at me?! I don’t know what to do... ” you confess to Jack

“OH?! So now that’s your problem... Or maybe you’re just jealous about Elly... ‘Coz Louis loves her instead of you?” Jack’s trying to make you laugh

“NO! Louis said that... I’m only HIS BEST FRIEND... and that’s why I’d never get a chance that Louis will like me back...” you said it sadly

“Hey?! Hold on girl... You can’t tell that... Louis DID like you back... Even though you’re his Best Friend, remember that he always treated you like his sister... You mean LOVE you back... not LIKE you back...” Jack leaned on the bench

“I’ll try to talk to Lou... Maybe he’ll forgive me...” you said

“I’ll try to help (y/n)...” Jack look at you and smiled then the two of you become silent for a moment.

“Can I ask?” you asked Jack

“hmm?” he replied

“Ahm... why you’re so good to me? And you’re kind to me even though you don’t still know me a lot... And you’re acting like my long friend here? Even though we’re just classmate here who invited me to become his partner... huh?” you asked

“Oh... that?! *chuckles* hmm? I invited you to become my muse at the prom ‘coz I don’t have a partner to be... but then the 1st time that I’m with you... I felt like I was carrying a precious thing in my life that I’ll never let the others broke or mess it up. But when I saw you crying near at the comfort room... I felt like my day was doomed and full of darkness inside me... Back there I had something to tell you... remember? Then you saw Louis? And maybe this time I can tell you this... but please don’t laugh or what?” Jack said and you were just looking at him and raised your shoulders

“Tsss... I think I fell in love with you... I don’t know why or what's the reason but it’s just that... that’s all!” Jack said and stood up

“C’mon forget of what I’ve said... I lead you home... come now?” he said and you stand up and the both of went home.


"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!