Part 5: Finally Home

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Author's Note:
I was actually half-way through writing this chapter, so the fonts and everything started acting up.

It was driving me crazy that nothing would go as planned so I had to delete the original draft and write all over.

Well... that's first time writing and posting for ya. Part 6 is coming out idk when.

We're still on October 1st in the story, and that is killing me. I'll try to speed up the story so we might skip a day or two later on.

For the record, writing on mobile is shit (pardon my French lol), so I'm gonna try to write the chapter on my PC. If not, I'm gonna have to suffer on the phone where all my fonts change every time I enter the draft lmao.

Annabeth's POV

Finally... home at last. Since I only had shortened periods this day, I'm at home perfectly at 13pm.

I would've been earlier if that jerk of a king didn't stop me in the hallway. I missed my bus, so I decided to go back inside the school and talk with my homeroom teacher.

And guess what, I signed up to the event where the school decides on each club president. Well, I'm one of the 3 going for the cooking club. I hope I'm qualified enough.

Enough of school for today, I'm hungry, it's too hot for October and I'm stressed as heck. I unlock the door, and silently turn the knob. I just open it slightly, because I want to do my dramatic entrance.

Of course, I kick the door full force. "HONEY I'M HOOOOMEEEEE!" I practically yell on the top of my lungs, and shut the door.

Immediately there is a crash upstairs with some confused screaming. I just woke up Cody... if he finds out that it was me, I'm gonna have a rock pole stuck in my butt for the rest of the day.

I calmly take off my shoes and drop my bag onto the table next to them. Then I walk into the kitchen, and sit at the counter.

"Annabeth, was that you that kicked the door open!?" My mom rushes into the kitchen, you can see she thought there was a robbery.

"I mean, nobody sounds like a retarded screamer... oh wait, I do!" I say sarcastically and raise my hand in the air. My mom laughs.

"I can't believe my daughter is following my footsteps." My mom says before going to the stove and cabinets to start making lunch. "So, how was your first day?"

"What kind of question is that mom?" I ask her, my voice full of disbelief, I then put a hand over my heart. "That school is proof that humanity actually deserves to be wiped out by a natural disaster!"

My mom turns around, and she rises her eyebrow. "Those are big words there, it sure wasn't as bad as my first day." She says. I roll my eyes.

"I literally had to use my ability to break a shield, yet I know that four people saw me do it." I drop the bomb. Yes, I know who saw me.

Preston, some random guy, some girl named Ellen and her friend saw me use the ability.

Now to admit, my level is registered as 5.2, but it's actually 9.0. My last ability is Shield Break. I can actually focus and use more force when using my abilities, just for them to have stronger effects.

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