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Aqua POV

"Thank you for babysitting for me this really means a lot. Ill be back in an hour." My cousin said.

"No problem." I smiled and closed the door.

I was babysitting my baby cousin Sarah for the day. I'm not really that fond of kids but hey I'm getting paid so I'm not gonna complain.

Me: I'm stuck babysitting come over dipshit

Dipshit: no cause I'm such a dipshit

Me: Calum just bring your ass over here

Dipshit: yes mastah

I sat Sarah on the couch with me and turned on Bubble Guppies while we waited on Calum to come over.

Halfway through the show, Calum finally came over.

Dipshit: open the door yagga

I laughed at Calum's text and walked over to the door.

"Heeyyy daddy." I smiled.

"Yeah that's right give me the royal sexual treatment bitch." He smirked.

"But I thought you were my bitch." I said walking back over to the couch.

"Whatever tickles your peach."

As I sat back down I saw that Sarah has a coin in her mouth. I got in front of her and tried taking it out.

"Give me the coin... It doesn't belong in your mouth.. you pesky bitch.." I said grabbing the coin in her mouth.

"Your mouth is for food...... And dick later on in life, when you get older." I said.

"Aqua! you're not suppose to curse at a baby." Calum said.

"What she's only 1 I doubt she understands shit." I defended.

"Plus she might like pussy." Calum laughed.

"Or both." I laughed.

"We aren't fit for kids." Calum laughed.

"Good cause we weren't gonna have any."

"Not until we're married duh" Calum said.

"Yeah ok sure." I said sarcastically.

Calum rolled his eyes and sat by me on the couch. He put his arm around me and we watched Bubble Guppies like the mature teenagers we are.

"ERHMEHGERD!!!!" I said yelling at the tv.

"What it's just Barney." Calum said confusedly.

"Bitch it's not just Barney. Barney was my homie when I was growing up. He taught me how to be nice and love." I defended my home skillet.

"Well it's looks like he did a bad job at it."

"I love you don't I?"

"Sometimes" Calum said looking at the tv.

"I show you all my love and affection." I sang.

"Please don't start with that song." Calum said covering his ears.

"I need love and affection. L.O.V.E Affection." I sang trying to uncover his ears.

"Stop you're gonna scare the baby." He pointed at Sarah who just sat there smiling.

"Yeah she looks 100% scared." I rolled my eyes.

"You know your eyes can get stuck like that."



"OMG stop flirting with me August Waters." I said.

"Oh okay."

We sat there on my couch watching little kiddie shows for another hour. Till finally my cousin knocked on the door.

"God is good." I said walking to the door.

"All the time." Calum replied.

I opened the door and saw my cousin.

"Hey-" I said before getting shoved to the side. "I'm doing good thanks for asking."

"How's my little booty patootie doing." My cousin said picking up Sarah.

"I'm doing good." Marie said coming down stairs.

"Yeah nice to know." My cousin said. "So how much do I owe you?"

"20 dollars."

My cousin paid me the money and she left. She can be a bitch sometimes.

"Sorry she's can be a bitch." I said to Marie.

She shrugged her shoulders and sat next to Calum.

"Hey Calum." She said.


"How are you?"


"That's great I was wondering can you get me some weed?" Marie asked.

"The fuck what do you need weed for?" I asked.

"Brownies." She said.

"Will I be getting some of these brownies?" Calum asked.

"Yeah.." she said dragging out the word.

"Okay I'll get you some."

"Thanks." Marie said before leaving the house.

Calum looked at me and smiled.

"Haha we are home alone." He winked.

"Yeah so?"

"BD wants you." He said referring to his dick.

"Burger King sounds so good right now."

"So does dick."

"Yeah we're not having sex until you take me out on a proper date." I said.

"Ugh." Calum said rolling his eyes.

"Well I'm worn out from babysitting, come cuddle with me." I said walking upstairs to my room.

Calum followed me into my room and shut the door.

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