Twenty-Six :: Love is endless and divine

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Quinn POV

I never thought I’d open my eyes again. In all honesty, I never thought I’d live. But once I felt the sting of the blinding light burning the back of my eyes I knew I was alive. I survived.


“Raziel!” I jerked up from bed and frantically looked around me. I was back in our room. Alone.

Fear gripped my chest and I jumped off the bed in search for my mate. I fell on the floor my limbs unable to support my full weight, numbed from inactivity.

How long have I been out?

I pushed all thoughts away from my mind and just focused on my breathing. Something about my body felt different. I wasn’t hurt or anything but I feel like a part of me have been carved away and replaced with another.

What the hell happened?

The last I thought I remember was holding the twins in my arms. They were so precious and dearly loved, I wanted them to remember my touch no matter how fleeting. The image of Raziel’s handsome face was my last vision, as it should be. I thought then that if I were to die I’d die a happy man with my children in my arms and the man that I love to be the last sight that I see.

But where is he now? Why is he not here?

I know it might be unfeeling but I’m not worried about the twins. I know they would be safe. They’re not just my children but important figures to two races of supernatural beings. Mauve is a faery princess and in time would be queen, Puck told me so. And Asher is one of the last dragon lords, next to his father and uncle. If anything happens to me or Raziel there would be a lot of people who’d be keeping them safe until they could fend for themselves and most especially, they would always have each other.

Once I got my breathing and senses under control, I tried to stand up again. This time I was more successful. I still needed the wall to keep me up but I managed to reach the door without falling on my face. I slowly turned the knob and walked outside of the room.

The house was quiet but I could hear people laughing outside. The most glorious sound I could ever hear on my state is the sound of Raziel’s full and deep laughter. I used it as a beacon, my guiding light. I know that if I follow the sound I would be able to see him and my children. And all would be well.

“My prince!” Puck exclaimed when he caught sight of me. In a flash he was beside me, supporting my body with his. “I was just going to come and check in on you.”

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“You have to go back to bed. You’re not well enough yet.”

“I want to see my family, please.” I looked at Puck and pleaded with him with my eyes. But he turned away and held me tighter, more secured.

“There’s no use pleading with me my prince, I am nothing but a humble servant.” He said. “Command me if you will and I would do as you bid…”

I still don't understand how his mind works. During my confinement Puck stayed beside me whenever I’m alone. He entertained me with stories within the faery kingdom and although I haven’t been there I feel like I’ve walked and lived for years in the enchanted forest because of him.

He would take liberties like brushing my hair, washing my feet or crafting me jewels I would never need. He would lie on the bed beside me but he was always careful not to touch me. He would never make skin to skin without my prior consent.

He would do something if I ask or command him but he balks when I beg or plead. It’s uncanny and extraordinary but I guess that’s who Robin Goodfellow is.

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