~Part 9~

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Jordan had made us a big breakfast. Involving pancakes, sausage, bacon, cereal, yogurt, toast, oatmeal and my favorite fruit salad.
We all gathered around the circle table. I sat at one side and on my right is Michael and left was Jordan.
"Wow. do you make this much all the time?" He asked as he started to pile his pancakes. He looked like a little kid on Christmas.
"No. Just when we have guests over." he said stuffing his face with his cereal.
"So not often." I answered picking at my fruit salad.
We ate in silence for a while than Jordan picked up a conversation.
"So Lizzy. Your hair. Are we going to do that today?" We were all done eating. I had barely touched my salad.
"Um yeah. I was going to go do it after this actually."
"Then why are we sitting here for? To the bathroom!" Jordan jumped up and ran to the bathroom. That boy might be 24 but he was a child at heart.
I walked over to the table to get the bag of hair stuff to do my hair with.
"You are really going to do this aren't you?" Michael was behind me. Looked kinda sad.
"Yeah. You were the one who said I should do it. What's the matter?" I turned to face him. He had his head held down.
"I'm fine. I just can't believe that someone like you would take advice from me?" He looked very insecure.
"Well yeah. If someone were to tell me that I would look better with this than ill dive right into it."
He looked up.
"But you are so beautiful as it is. I just don't want to be the person to ruin your hair."
Did he just call me 'beautiful'?
"Don't worry. It's just hair. It will grow back." I smiled and my cheeks reddened.
Me, Beautiful? Please.
We walked back to the bathroom together.
"Took you guys long enough." Jordan shouted as he jumped off of the counter.
Honestly I was really nervous. I had never done this before.
"Michael I hope you know what you are doing because Lizzy and I have no idea what to do." Jordan spoke my mind.
"Leave it to me." He was suddenly full with confidence. Once again this kid was odd.
He took the rubber gloves and started to pour stuff together.
It smelt horrible.
"This is the bleach. It's gonna turn your hair blond like mine." I sat in the bath tub not wanting to get bleach everywhere.
"Just sit there and try not to throw up cause the smell will get to you." he laughed. Causing me and Jordan to laugh also.
"Jordan? Can you go get my music?" I said as I pulled my hair down from my messy bun and than brushed it out with my fingers because I had just cleaned it this morning. It was still a bit wet.
"Okay. Ready? Once we stared there is no going back." He warned me.
"Yeah. Do it!"
I felt him take the cold paste and apply it to the top of my head. He than started to apply the bleach everywhere now.
"We've had started." he announced as he tried not to gag cause if the smell of it.
Jordan came back in with the music.
"Pierce the Veil or I See Stars?" He asked strolling threw my ipod music.
"I See Stars!" Michael answered before I could. It made me glad that he wanted that.
"I See Stars it is." he played Murder Mitten.
"Love this one!" I yelled over the loud music.
I started bopping my head up and down forgetting Michael was doing my hair.
"Hey. quite it. I'm doing your hair remember?" He laughed at my silliness.
"Sorry." I stopped and sat still.
It had taken forever to do my whole head. Thank God Jordan bought another package because we ran out half way.
I was really embarrassed. This was really weird. I only have known this kid for one and a half days and we are sitting in my bathroom as he is bleaching my hair. But he clearly doesn't mind at all.
My brother really likes him.
Michael was certainly an odd child but it was a good odd.
"Done!" He said as he put the shower cap over my in the process of bleaching hair.
"In an hour or so we will check it to see if its ready." He pulled off his bleach filled gloves and threw them into the garbage.
I saw myself in the mirror and I looked ridiculous.
"I look so stupid." I laughed at myself.
"You look fine." Michael stood behind me and spoke in my ear making me giggle.
"Hey! You two! Something going on in here?" Jordan came in and started wiggling eye brows.
"No. It's not like what it seems." I stopped not wanting to go any further.
"Mhm sure." Jordan winked and walked off.
"I have to go out and get Natt. I have to take her to her doctors appointment. She can be such a bitch but it has to be done. Condoms at in the top draw of the side table in my room." He shouted as he walked out the door.
"Jordan! Stop it!" I half laughed and half nervous laughed.
He had left and we were all alone. Just Michael and I.
"Natt is his girlfriend?" Michael asked as he started picking up the mess of bleach boxes. My face was red of what Jordan had said. So was Michael's but he was trying to hide it.
"Umm.. no. It's our aunts 10 year old Poodle." I laughed.
"Oh. My bad." He laughed along.
"That's okay. You aren't the only one who ever thought that too."
I walked out about to go get something to eat cause it was around 3. I heard him open a draw making me stop.
"Hey Liz?"
My stomach tied up into knots. I started to shake.
"Y-yeah?" I answered. I slowly turned around and to find him walking out of the bathroom with a little box. No bigger than a ring box. It was opened.
My heart had stopped.
"What are these?" He said as he tried to sound angry but he sounded really upset.
"I.. I don't know." I lied I knew exactly what he was talking about.
"You know what exactly this is. Now tell me why its here."
He kept getting closer and closer.
"I really don't kn-know what you are talking about." I looked away.
"Why the fuck do you have razor blades in here!?" Now he shouted.
I flinched at the words. He was so loud. I didn't like it.
I didn't answer.
"Lizabeth?" He grabbed my shoulder.
"Leave me alone." I whispered. I pulled away from his grip.
"Lizabeth did you hear me?" He said trying to grab me again.
"Did you hear what I said?! Leave me alone." I stared to get teary.
"Hey Lizzy. I didn't mean to..."
I just walked towards the door.
"Get your stuff and get out of my house. Now." I didn't care if I looked stupid with a shower cap on my head and crying. I couldn't believe this kid. how dare he do this.
"Ok." he closed the small box and put it back in the draw in the bathroom. He walked over to the kitchen to get his wallet and phone. Came over to me and grabbed his shoes and walked out. I shut the door behind him as I saw him step down the stairs. The cold air hit me before I could close it.
I pulled out phone.
To: Jordan
Bring Chinese food and ice cream home... please.

I sent it and threw it on the couch. I went to go see if I had any food than everything just went black.

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