Chapter 7 - Merchant

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"Morning, everyone," Thor opens the kitchen door as the servants who had the day off had their breakfast. Chairs scraped along the ground as curtsies were given.

"Prince Thor, Prince Loki, Lady Sif, Sir Fandral, Sir Volstagg, Sir Hogun," Diana was the first to greet the lot. "I'm guessing Y/n is the reason for your visit?"


"There she is!" Thor gives you a clasp on the back. "Shall we be off, Y/n?"

"Yes, one second," you go over to Bjorn and take the shopping list while sneaking a bread roll into your pocket. "I'll get these for you as soon as possible,"

"Thank you, Y/n," he smiles warmly, waving you goodbye before placing the bread into a bowl, counting them. "I'm missing one... Y/n!"

You snicker and take a bite of bread. "Forgive me, I haven't eaten today,"

"By all means," Volstagg holds up a cloth of cheese and grapes.

"So, where does this merchant come from?"

"Midgard, I believe,"

"A Midgardian on Asgard? How would they be able to get in??" Hogun looked concerned.

"I'm certain Heimdall allows it,"


In the distance secluded from the village along the edge of a forest was a small cart, a hooded figure fussing with the objects. You rushed over, ditching the group and taking the figure into a hug.

"I missed you!"

"I missed you too, my dear," the figure hugs back. "You've brought friends?"

The warriors and princes look at the figure who drops the hood. She wore all black, hair in space buns with dark make-up. Hair a dark chocolate matched her dark iris' as she raises her lips into a smirk.

"Anna Watson," she bows subtly.


"Yes, and before you ask, Heimdall lets me in here via the Bifrost because he enjoys the Midgard snacks I bring," she points at a small box of snacks. "Name it, I got it,"

"Pop-tarts?" Thor hopes, peering over as she bends down to take out a box of every flavour. "I'll take the whole box!"

"Brother, spend your money wisely," Loki sighs.

"No, no, let the boy have his fun, 20 gold coins," Anna holds out her hand.

"Done," Thor drops the coins into her palms and takes the box.

"Imbecile," Loki moves his gaze to you, your hand traced over books, searching until landing on a book he had tried to gift you a few days ago.

"15 silver coins, 20 and I'll throw in a new cassette,"

"You have a deal," you give her the coins before digging through the box of cassettes. The green clad prince smiled softly as you contemplated your choice.

"Hey, dude, you know who you remind me of?" Loki was snapped from thoughts, looking down at the merchant. "Real hot actor back on earth, though I like his hair compared to yours," she flipped through magazines.

"Excuse me?" He scoffs in offence.

"Look, you're all hot and stuff, cheekbones to a cut but I'd rather not be pulling on greasy locks if we kiss," She coughs making the group snicker, Loki giving her an eye roll. "Aha! A little exposing but god does he look good," she hums.

"Oh dear gods," Sif peers over with the rest to see a shirtless man in barely any clothing.

"He looks nothing like me," Loki snarls.

"I disagree," Anna was met with hums of agreement. "Snack? He's more the whole god damn feast!"

"Please don't tell me you're showing them Sebastian Stan,"

"Tom Hiddleston," Anna corrects.

"Oh, he looks just like you, Loki," Loki deadpanned to you as you shrugged sweetly. "Oh, Anna, I opened the box," you hand the girl a slip of paper.

"Good job, you get a choice of any weapon in my cart," Anna pockets the slip of paper before looking to Fandral. "You're cute~"


"What use would Y/n have with a weapon?" Volstagg laughs. "I mean no offence but I doubt a maid knows how to use one,"

"You'd be surprised," you mumble and take out an 1860 Colt. "How did you get your hands on one of these??"

"A lot of feathers and butter," Anna passes a few bullets to load. "Shoot the apple dead centre and I'll give you a pack of rounds,"

"You're on,"

The warriors watched with interest, though Thor was enjoying the blueberry tarts too much. Effortlessly loading the gun, Anna throws an apple in the air. One quick breath leaves you, a bang filling the air. Apple bits splatter across Fandral as Anna picks up the apple.

"Oh, just missed, darling," she points to the just grazed apple.

"It's too loud anyways," blowing away the smoke you put the gun away as Sif looked to a very impressed Loki. "How about another cassette? I doubt the Royal guards would be pleased to find a weapon on my persons,"

"Suit yourself," Anna smiled as your rushed to look over the cassettes. "May I interest you in a box which is impossible to open?"

"What use is that?" Hogun laughs.

"Well the dull minded find it impossible to open," Anna took out a small box. "But the open minded can do so," she opened and closed the box. "Try it,"

Volstagg took it and soon it was passed around, no one able to open it. Except of course Loki, who caught sight of the ridges when Anna opened it.

"Congrats, you're not dull, now that's 5 silver coins," She held her hand out.

"No thank you," Loki handed it back.

"3 silver coins, take it or leave it," Anna clicked her tongue when she was met with another no. "Well, if that's it, I'll be on my way,"

"Thank you, Lady Anna," The warriors bow.

"Oh, stop it, you flirts," Anna kicked the leg of the cart letting it fold up into a small briefcase. "Adios," she drops a smoke bomb which clouds the scene.

"Where did she go??" Thor gaped.

"Boo!" The entire group screams. "Ha! Gotcha~" she grins from behind the group. "Ok, I'm really off now because I have another universe to make a cameo in,"

"Bye??" The group waves off the girl in confusion.



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- Anna ❤️

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