Chapter 2: The Unexpected

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When Ryu woke up, he couldn't understand a thing that was going on at that moment, everything seemed so unreal, he almost felt like it was a dream, but unfortunately it was not. He soon gets up from his sleeping tube and see this man standing in front him. He was a scary but a good looking guy with specs. He introduced himself as the president of the continent Asfuca.

"Huh...? Asfuca never heard that name before!", Ryu asked.
"Ohh well...! It's because you have been sleeping for long period of time and many things happened and changed during that period.... All the continent formed alliance and became one continent with its capital city as Exberg."
" I don't know who you really are but can you tell me for how long have I been sleeping?"
"According to the data , it should be 2000 years."
"Wait, you are kidding me! Right? There's no way it could have happened...!", He was trembling.
"But it's the truth, Ryu-sama you have to deal with it"
"But what about my parents, my one sided school crush, my friends, my family.....are they.....!",

Tears were coming out from Ryu's eyes, as losing someone who was so close to him was very painful he was not ready for it , he doesn't know what to do, his heart was about to get shattered into pieces but then a strange voice, from deep inside of his body, said in a faint voice.

" It's alright! You will get through this as you are the chosen one who will bring justice to this universe , this world , I was with you and will always be with you no matter what, the world is big and there are so many things to explore, go ahead, this world needs you, Ryu!"

"Who are you? Who's voice is this?", Ryu have heard this voice but can't remember where he heard it.

"My, my, how can you forget your master so soon! Don't worry when the right time comes I shall lend you my power, this is my word as the king of all the lost souls!"

This was strange, 'King of lost souls', there's nothing like this, but still he built up some courage inside him and asked the president,
"Who are the 'VIRLs'?"

The president said,"Why don't you ask the voice who is inside you!"

" So you wanna know about Virl! They are nothing but a cosmic entity

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" So you wanna know about Virl! They are nothing but a cosmic entity... Long ago when the universe was created, two types of energy was formed, 'The Dark Energy' and 'The Light Energy' and we were the beings created from these energy. We were created from the light energy while the Virls were created with the dark energy. They wanted to rule the whole universe and we were getting in their so they tried to destroy us but before they did that, I , the king of those people turned them into lost souls taking a dark cloud shaped and scattered them in the universe but still the Virls destroyed half of the universe, but there's one more energy flowing through the universe, it protected the universe by sealing these entities somewhere in this large universe. But the seal has been broken and now they are free. That's why Ryu Yuzaki , now it's your turn , you are their king they will obey you no matter what , protect them with everything you have, that's why I have chosen you as a successor of my powers. Help them, all the pain you have gone through in these 2000 years shouldn't go in vain."

" I really don't understand what's going on right now but still ......HOW IN THE WORLD I WILL BECOME A KING IF THIS CONTINENT IS DEMOCRATIC!!!!!!" asked confused Ryu.

"Well, actually the country is ruled by a king but since there is no king the seat is still empty and I am working as king's agent, so when do u want to start throne taking ceremony‽‽" Asked president.

"I really don't know anything about this place, it's people, I even don't know who even am I!! I am in no state of ruling a country and also...."

"That settles it then you will be enrolled in Saikyo Elite Academy, for atleast 2 years, explore this world, make new friends but if anything happens in these 2 years, you have to take the throne immediately!"asked president.

"Hey, president! What's your status among us?"

"Well, I am the third strongest with the status of king's advisor, second is that black haired girl, she hides her status for some reason so we don't know, and you are the strongest among us!"

"Hey president! I have a favour to ask, does this academy have any ranking system on the basis of strength?"

"Yeah, it does have"

"Will you please enroll me within medium ranking?"

"May I ask you why?"

"Ummmm.... It's just my thing I wanna do it!"

" Okay if this only you want Ryu-sama! I shall get to work"

"Okay! And thanks a lot!"

And that's how his new school life begin.....

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