Chapter Twenty-One: "Salute" by Little Mix.

Picture: Indie & Austin basically.


"You should stop listening to this whiny break up music." Austin declared as he walked into my room unannounced.

I let out a disgruntle groan but refused to lift my head from where it was buried in my pillow. I was currently having a sulk and I didn't recall inviting Austin to my pity party of one.

"Well, what am I supposed to listen to, Mr. Break-Up Expert?" I asked, rolling onto my back before sitting up.

"Beyoncé?" He suggested. "I heard she's a good role model for newly single independent females."

I stifled my laughter because I didn't want to encourage his idiocy, however I couldn't deny him, so I let a smile flitter across my lips. Austin brought out the best in everyone. We had been pretty inseparable lately, and I was yet to catch him in a bad mood.

"What are you doing here, Austin?" I asked after a few moments of silence.

"I'm here to cheer up my friend." He frowned, pushing me to the side so he could sit up on the bed next to me. "You've trapped yourself in your room for three days. You missed school on Friday."

"I didn't want to see him." I swallowed loudly, before resting my chin on the top of my knees as I hugged my legs to my chest. "It's hard to think about him let alone sit in the same room as him."

I was referring to Mr. Lupid's brilliant plan to have some of the St. Loo's boys come to Blackies for Friday classes. Unfortunately Luke had been one of the lucky fella's.

"I don't particularly like being in the same room as him either," Austin smirked. "All he does is sulk and glare at me but sometimes you've just got to push through it."

"He's mad at you for something you didn't do." I reasoned. "He's mad at me for something I did do."

"I'm sure that'd make sense to me if I had been paying attention." Austin scrunched his nose up. "However, we both know I have the attention span of a child. Now, instead of throwing yourself a pity-party- which is pretty pathetic considering there's no cake or party hates- let's go have some fun."


'This is blackmail." I said blankly as I stared at the iron gates.

I felt a sense of déjà vu, and suddenly recalled the night I spent in the graveyard. Thankfully, these cool gates weren't surrounding a graveyard, but a prison.

I'm kidding. It was just the front gates of Blackwood High School for Delinquents (kind of). Although I found stark similarities between prison and Blackies, such as the bars that encompassed the windows and the dull grey colour that flooded throughout the school buildings.

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