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CT: you here early ?

E: well you said you were leaving the stadium early

CT: what did you wanna talk about

E: after your meeting, we going out to eat ?

CT: yk you could've texted me right

E: yes but i like seeing you in person.

CT: i do too but yk we can't be seen.

E: yea that's why i chose this area of the stadium , i can still get to practice on time & see you at once.

CT: okay beautiful, we have 2 weeks off before the real season start. Ik you guys off too , one of the weeks wanna take a trip ?

E: ma'am i have a busy schedule for those 2 weeks , i can't just take a trip

CT: oh yeah, how bout we chill , movies , i can cook for you ..

E: we'll see , last time you promised some that sounded nice ; you blew me off.

CT: this time i won't ; i promise

I kissed the back of her head before leaving the stadium. She was gorgeous and a wonderful person but a real relationship rn would throw us both off.

Leaving the stadium I picked up my food & headed home. Since Erica had night practice this week ; I was home alone.

We weren't together but she was my boo. She was an amazing person, never stressed me, she only was 24 and had 2 more years at the college. She was one of the top dancers on the dance team at our school.

I had to keep her low key because of many reasons but i'm glad she understands because most women wouldn't.

I got back to the house and put everything on the table. I wish Erica would've told me she cooked before leaving the house and I was glad bc I had no energy to do any of it. I ate the food i picked up and started watching "Seven Deadly Sins" on netflix.

My mom called to check on me but really to ask about who keeping my attention because i usually drive down to see her after practice or on my non practice days.

Lately Erica & I barely got alone time , so we try to when we can. She was always at practice or class. She even did hair , nails & all that so she had little free time.

Tomorrow i didn't have practice well we had a 2 hour meeting to go over the season coming up & all the events scheduled once back for the 2 off weeks.

Erica didn't have practice or anything planned for tomorrow so she was to ride with me for some plans.

I looked at the time and Erica was to be home soon..

I got up & started cleaning up all my paper work for tomorrow and getting ready to go to bed. I didn't realize erica called 3 times.

I called her back but no answer. I then seen her messages and it kinda was like huh.

*E 🥰💞*

E: ik you not sleep
E: baby ?? imma stop by my place & get some more clothes..
E: okay ?
E: can you answer your phone ?
E: ykw, you got it. Don't even touch me tonight idc

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