Nhung loi bai hat trong phim phineas and ferb

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Những lời bài hát trong phim Phineas and Ferb

Lời bài hát Come home Perry


You know you are a boys best friend

Your more than just a passing trend

Your like a tree from a candy store

Oh Perry

We love you more than ice cream cakes

We love you more than bugs and snakes

We love you more than all things mentioned from before

Oh Perry

Your extraordinary

Your kinda short and hairy

The color of a blueberry

Yes Perry

So come home Perry

Come home perry

Come home

Oh perry

I think its kinda scary

I can't find you any werey

It fills me with dispary

Oh Perry

Im alergic to dairy

Im gunna move to the Prairies

And change my name to Larry

She change her name to Larry

So come home Perry

Come home Perry

Come Home

So come home Perry

Come home Perry

Come home

Come home Perry

Come home

Lời bài hát Busted

I can see the things you doing

And you think that I'm naive

But when I get the goods on you

She'll finally believe

She says it's all just drama

But every bubble's got to pop

She's gonna see just what your doing'

And then your finally gonna have to STOP!

Don't think your gonna win this time

Cause' you better believe I'm gonna drop a dime

On you

I'll get ya! yeah! I'll get ya!

And when I do your gonna be busted!


I don't wanna put the hurt on you

But you better believe it when I tell you

That I finally got the dirt on you

YOUR BUSTED! (busted! )

Yeah, she's finally gonna see the light

This is how it's gonna be

When she finds out that I was always right