Chloe’s POV

I’ve been staring at dress laying neatly on my bed for a while now, dreaded that I’d have to wear them. After today, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear them again and not remember the events of today.

A black dress.

It’s supposed to be worn at a date, it’s supposed to be worn to make a woman feel sexy, to feel good about herself, but today… that black dress, holds another meaning. A meaning that I think no one wants to feel, no one wants to remember.

I heard a knock on my door accompanied by Ed’s voice.

“Chloe… We’ll be leaving in 30 minutes.” He said.

I ignored him.

I don’t want to put on that dress, because putting it on means that it’s over. He’s gone, that all of this is real.

With a heavy heart, I picked up the dress and put it on…

I stared at myself in the mirror; I look like a complete wreck.

I picked up the brush and combed my hair. That’s the only thing I can bear myself to do.

30 minutes later, we’re all in the car, none of us speaking.

As we near our destination, I’m starting to feel, the emotions I’ve kept bottled up for three days are starting to surface.

I felt my brother’s hand on my mine; he squeezed it lightly, offering comfort.

The ceremony started, people said good things about him; his friends, relatives, everyone. My Mum was the last one to speak. She stood in front, putting on a brave face as she talks about Dad, about their life together, how they met… everything.

After the ceremony, it was time… it was the time to bury him, everybody stood up, we held a white rose in our hands to throw as they lower the coffin. Mum sitting beside me. I can feel Mum’s body shaking, her shoulder’s moving as she sobs.

“Chloe… Throw the rose.” Mum whispered.

I didn’t realize they already threw theirs; I was so focused on the fact that the person inside that coffin is my Dad, that I’ll never see him again. That I’ll never be able to hear him talk, laugh, scold me.

“I… I can’t….” I said. Tears are welling up in my eyes; the numbness is completely replaced by anger, pain and sadness; all of these feelings coming at me all together.


“I can’t do this.” With those last words, I turned around and ran. I ran as fast as I could, I could hear people calling my name but I ignored them.


Mason’s POV

It’s been 4 hours since Blondie ran away, we tried calling her many times but it all goes straight to voice mail, it’s already dark outside and I’ve been driving around town, non-stop just to find her. What she did earlier caused a scene, I don’t how or when she ran but it was all too late when we realized it. She’s already far away.

But nobody could blame her, her father just died and at times like this, you’ll never know what a person will do. I had a feeling that this would happen. 2 days ago, Ed called me and said she isn’t acting like herself, when they told her the news about her Dad, she didn’t react, she went straight up to her room, and when he followed her, she’s studying. She’s acting as if nothing happened.

Typical Blondie, bottling her feelings up until it explodes.

I heard my phone ring and saw Ed’s face flashing on the screen.

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