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"Calum?!? I'm home"

"sorry, I'll go help her" He says

I watch him run off and I'm watching Michael play the guitar and Luke writing lyrics

"Sooo, that's pretty cool that you write"

"yup. you like it?" His eyes lighting up

"uh huh, soo does Calum's parents have any liquor?" I ask looking around

"some, but we usually do that kind of shit at Michael's"

"What exactly?" I inquire further going closer to luke

"I dunno we'll eat a sandwich or pizza and drink a beer or two" He says

I can see his golden eyelashes now, framing his blue irises

"really, can I eat a sandwich with you"

He breaks the connection laughing "I don't know why, they're pretty shit sandwiches"

"I'm not picky, weed is weed right?"

His mouth forms the shape of an o and he shakes his head "I'm legit talking about sandwiches, not drugs

"That wasn't a How I met your mother reference then?"

"No, but I think it's pretty awesome that you watch that show. Did you see the last episode when Barney-"

"No, I haven't since the television broke" I cut off

"Oh I'm sure Calum could fix it"

"Could he fix my shower and kitchen while he's at it" I laugh dryly


"Luke, I don't know if Calum told you but I'm in a shit ton of trouble and I don't have any money. If I had money I would've paid for the electricity and heating."

"Oh, um.."

"Don't say anything, it's fine" I grimace as I see Calum come back in

"So it's settled, You can sleep here on the couch and I think we're having a sleepover"

"wow, really" I wrap my arms around his neck "Thank you calum"

"course" he smiles "Now who wants pizza or how about chinese or fried chicken?

"Wow, um I ate before I left?" I say sinking deeper into the couch

Luke sees me and says "Actually, I'm not that hungry either. Do you guys just want to go out  for frozen yogurt

Calum looks into my eyes and smiles "Sure, I'll get the money"

Ashton grabs his keys and we all pile into his van

Maybe life isn't so bad, maybe calum is right. I'm between Luke and Calum, Calum's hand is resting on my thigh but it's luke that's making silly faces causing me to laugh and smile. Can you believe that? I'm smiling, a genuine honest to goodness smile. If you'd told me that a month ago, I would have thought it was some trick.

"Wow, this is fun" I laugh

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