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"I take it you're Camila"


Camila finally gathered herself together and put on her well practiced stone face in order to not show any sign of her emotions to the woman who knew her name before Camila had told her.

"Yes, how did you know?" Camila asked as she braced herself for a reply.

"I hear you're the best bartender in town" the woman replied with a sheepish grin.

Camila visibly calmed as her shoulders relaxed, she was just like the rest of the customers who enter the club late at night, hitting on the woman behind the bar with cheap lines accompanied with her smoldering looks.

"Yeah? Where'd you hear that one from, twitter?" Camila hit back with a glint of a smile as she tried to hold back a laugh that was threatening to release.

She smiled back at Camila and wow, her smile. Camila felt like she had fallen already just looking at her smile. Straight, great white teeth and crinkles by her eyes to match. Although Camila was immediately intrigued with the woman, her emerald eyes, and amazing smile, she knew better than to fall for a sexy stranger that walked into the club just because she was attractive. The the last time she did that it didn't end in her favor, so she was more aware this time around. Camila had become a no-strings attached kind of girl, she accepted that she had too many troubles to overcome before she could ever think about getting lost in herself and in love.

"No, your best friend told me, Dinah? if I remember correctly"

Oh. It was all making sense to her now. Camila decided in her head to make a note to never doubt Dinah's judgement again. She was smoking. Un-be-lievably smoking. Camila couldn't believe the person in front of her was real, she seemed pretty beyond this world. Camila finally realized the woman was no longer a stranger but instead best friend approved. She knew she wasn't a cop and she didn't have the build of a bodyguard so Camila let her worry slide. Camila saw her put her hand out to shake her own and Camila quickly gathered herself together to return the hand shake, "Lauren Jauregui". Before she could stop herself, Camila was already thinking what else Lauren's strong hands could do.

She shook her head, "Camila Cabello"

"So Camila, how has your job been today?" Lauren questioned. Camila laughed visibly this time, not because what Lauren had said was necessarily funny but because it was simple, there was no cheap pick up line running in the background, it was just a normal question. Camila found that she sort of liked the beginning of their conversation when she compared it to her others.

"Not too bad, business usually slows down around this time. What about you?"

"Long, annoying, but when it comes down to it, victorious" Lauren replied after letting out a puff of air.

"What? Are you a firefighter?" Camila asked Lauren with an undistinguishable tone for Lauren.

"Nope. Just a lawyer"

"A lawyer walking into a nightclub. Well isn't that a surprise" Camila teased as she laughed at her own comment.

"Funny" Lauren laughed, "You could be a great commentator as I've witnessed so far"

"Why thank you, I could keep this up all night" Camila smiled, proud of herself.

"I'll take you up on that" Lauren hit back with a cheeky grin as Camila made eye contact with her again and blushed, Lauren laughed as she saw the red creep onto Camila's cheeks because of her.

"So, you said your day was victorious, does that mean you won your case?" Camila asked when she realized they were getting of topic.

"Case? no. Terms of negotiation? yes"

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