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Narrator POV :

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Narrator POV :

Y/N and Wonho sat on the edge of the pier looking out at the lake surrounding them . The pair both knew that this moment would come one day . They both just wished it wasn't today .

" I love you more than I could ever love anyone , but we aren't good for each other . I'm so sorry ". Wonho apologized as tears streamed down his face.

Coming out to the place they met and now having to leave as strangers who once had a connection so close that not a single person could interfere.

Y/n leaned back and laid on the wood under her .

"We are so toxic it's crazy ".

They laughed through the tears , Wonho laying down next to her .

"I mean you could call us the modern day Bonnie and Clyde ".

The couple sat in silence , reminiscing their past memories . Y/n was right , the pair are definitely toxic together . The young couple robbed old rich people , stole cars frequently , are addicted to public sex , and even done drugs occasionally when bored .

You couldn't stop them even if you threaten them with jail time . They were too in love to notice the damage they were doing to each other .

"You know Our souls didn't find each other accidentally . If we're meant to be then we will meet each other again one day . Just remember no matter what your still mines ".

Y/n stared deeply into Wonho's eyes seeing nothing , but love . His love for Y/n ran deep , he would kill for the girl any day - all she had to do was ask.

After the duo had stole another car , Wonho sat in the driver's seat for hours in a Walmart parking lot considering leaving his lover .

He realized that the both of them needed serious help and weren't helping each other , instead influencing one another .

Wonho helped Y/n up from the pier , kissing her hand .

"You have my number Y/n ...call me when we you need me . I'll always be here for you. " Wonho said before leaving Y/n to go to his car .

She watched as her {ex boyfriend } pulled off from the pier . The lights from his stolen Mercedes Benz disappearing into the night .

She headed back to her car , which was in fact stolen like his and headed back to their apartment .

She entered the house and giggled at the person hurriedly fixing ramen in the kitchen .

"I love when we recreate romantic , but dramatic dramas". Y/n laughed , slumping down on the couch .

" I don't find anything funny .... I had to make ramen since you wanted to recreate dramas in 30° weather . " Wonho replied running towards the couch with his bowl of ramen and cup of sprite .

"I love you baby "

"I love you too Wonho ".

January 11th , 2021 2:35 am 🦋

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January 11th , 2021
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