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This is just so yk what quidditch is, cause there is a tiny chance that some of you haven't read Harry Potter. If you have read it and know what quidditch is, feel free to skip this chapter.

Quidditch is a game wizards and witches play. There are two teams with seven players each, the roles are Keeper, Chaser, Seeker and beater.

The two Beaters throw Bludgers and these are thrown at the opposition to disrupt them. The other side's Beaters, in turn, throw them back with the same intention. The players in this position are usually the strongest and most physical within the team.

the Seeker is the team member whose job is to capture the all-important Golden Snitch.

The Keeper is a defensive player and is tasked with defending the team's hoops.

The Chasers are there to try and keep possession of the Quaffle and to score a goal by throwing it through one of the opponent's three hoops. 

Equipment used are broomsticks, bludgers, hoops, a quaffle and the golden snitch. 

Rules are:

Players must not stray over the boundary lines of the pitch, although they may fly as high as desired. 

The Quaffle must be surrendered to the opposition if any player leaves the boundary (it is unknown what the penalty is if a player on defense leaves the pitch).

"Time out" may be called at any time by the Captain of a team. Time out may be extended to two hours if a game has already lasted for more than twelve hours. Failure to return to the pitch after this time will lead to the team being disqualified.

Penalties can be awarded to teams by the referee. A single Chaser may take the penalty by flying from the central circle towards the scoring area. The opposing team's Keeper may attempt to stop the shot being scored, but all other players must not interfere (it is unknown if the Seeker may still attempt to catch the Snitch while a penalty is being attempted).

Contact is allowed, but a player may not seize hold of another player's broomstick or any part of their anatomy.

No substitution of players is allowed throughout the game, even if a player is too injured or tired to continue to play. (Note: According to Goblet of Fire at some point it lasted for days and the players had to be switched out so that they could get some sleep).

Players may take their wands onto the pitch, but they must not be used on or against any players, any players' broomsticks, the referee, any of the four balls, or the spectators.

A game of Quidditch will only end once the Golden Snitch has been caught, or at the mutual consent of both team Captains.

Only the Keeper can block quaffle shots thrown by the opposing team.

The way to score is by throwing the quaffle through your opponents hoop, or catching the snitch for your team. The team with the most points at the end wins."

Just wanted to say, most of this was copied word for word from the net.

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