War at First Sight

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They talked for atleast 15 minutes, in which you didn't understand a thing.

To put it simply, they were trying to stop the Guild from destroying Yokohama and they thought it'd be best if the two groups formed an alliance. But what really caught your attention was a tall guy with brown curly locks and a long, light brown coat.

You heard Mori talk to him. "...Dazai...". The name Chuuya always ranted about.

'Is that the one that keeps pissing Chuuya off? Heh, he definitely looks the part. I wonder if I can get some tips from him."

You the learned that he was part of the Port Mafia before.

'Boss seems to be fond of him, he's a pretty big deal, huh.'

While Mori was talking to them, beside you was Akutagawa trying to intimidate whoever was looking or breathing your direction. Weird job, but it's been a responsibility ever since you joined.


You weren't paying much attention.
And then all of the sudden, Chuuya started to attack you. He looked forced, but obviously you didn't get hurt. Using the same rock that Chuuya used to try and 'crush' you, you copied his ability and threw it at him.

"What was that for?!" You yelled at Chuuya.

"Don't worry. It was just a demonstration, Y/N." Mori calmed you down.

"Sheesh. Atleast tell me next time. I got scared for a second."
'It was partially my fault, I wasn't listening at all.'


"The ability to imitate another person's ability. Quite fascinating, don't you think?" Mori continued to explain how it works.

'It's not a blessing. It's nothing but a burden.'

Nonetheless, the Agency was intrigued. An ability like that can be used for all sorts of things, after all.

"Her ability to manifest abilities isn't permanent, it'll only last for a few minutes. Similarly to Chuuya, it can make her go on a rampage if used way above her limit."

'The only difference is that I'm not a god, sadly.' You held back your laughter.

"Let's have a deal." Said Fukuzawa, the President of the ADA. "The Armed Detective Agency would never attack first. We'll need someone from the Port Mafia to confirm that you will not betray us."

"What do you mean?"

"We will take one of your subordinates temporarily and they shall be in the hands of the Agency. Surely you care about your allies, don't you, Mori?"

"I see. A pre-hostage?"


"What if you use this advantage against us?"

"Then I'll have to join the Port Mafia. I always keep my promises." Dazai added.

'Interesting. I can tell where this is going.'

Mori seemed satisfied. But who was gonna be the pre-hostage? I'm sure that it's obvious at this point.

"Y/N, may I have your permission?"

It didn't take you too long to think, and immediately said yes out of excitement.

'A new mission? And it's not going to be boring!' You thought while nodding.

"Hey, hey!" Chuuya interrupted. "Don't you think we're going a little too fast? Y/N, you shouldn't make such rash decisions."

"I'm sorry, is this 'our' assignment? Didn't think so, which means I get to decide." You responded.

"No. My apologies, boss. I know that shouldn't speak on behalf of my sister, but please understand—"

He was interrupted by Mori's glare. A rather assuring one.
"She's right, Chuuya. I gave the task to her, so it's up to her if she accepts it. Besides, I'm sure she'll be able to take care of herself."

You happily wrote down your signature as a proof of agreement. Chuuya disagreed with the plan, but he couldn't refuse.

He glanced over at Dazai and mumbled. "If you ever lay a finger on her, I'll kill you."

"She'll be fine." Dazai looked back at Chuuya with a mischievous grin.


A/N: Regarding her ability, read the newly made description to understand it better. :DD

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