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(your pov)
i wake up cuddled with one of my teddy bears

ughhhhh i don't wanna wake up


i grab my phone and open messages, already knowing who was spamming my phone


wake up y/nnnn

omg i'm awake i'm awake T.T

ahh yes, now hurry up and get here

okay okay calm down i'll be there in a bit



eXcUse mE

i laugh at my phone

me and techno have been hanging out like usual, but this time without having to think about jarred. i was still definitely devastated, but i tried to keep it off my mind at all times. techno noticed it of course and wants to help, so i have to go to his house more often

it's not bad though

i get out of my car and head to the door. i knock once before he opens it.

techno: "you're like 30 minutes late, hurry before we miss out on my plan"

y/n: "techno what plan"

techno: "you'll see"
he begins to put his shoes on and then takes my hand and leads me to his car

y/n: "mr.blade"

techno looks back towards me

techno: "you gotta be quite nerd"
he innocently smiles at me

what's he up to now?

he opens the passenger door

techno: "m'lady"

i laugh

y/n: "you're an idiot techno"

techno: "how cruel mx. y/l/n"

i jokingly roll my eyes and he eventually gets into his seat

techno: "you ready?"

i nod

y/n: "ooo lemme play the songs"

techno: "not sure if i should trust you with that"

y/n: "what do you want me to do? beg for it?"

techno: "maybe"

i sat there shocked, and honestly kinda flustered. i mean i couldn't blame myself

y/n: "i- techno-"

he laughs

techno: "i'm kiddin, just make sure it's not too loud"

y/n: "yayyyyy"

i go through my playlist and i find the song

-the music begins to play-

techno: "oh nooOoo"

y/n: "getting bored of walls two i should find a new video game"

i start to sing

i point towards techno signaling him to sing

techno: "october 2013 saw the game and i thought"

both: "oh my god what the fuck is this, so many OP kits"

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