Jons Point of View
I curled up next to Emile, A smile on my face.
"Jooooooooon I'm boooooored." Emile complained into my ear.
"Well I'm tired. Its 11 Emile Go to bed. Unless you want to go to the park where we had our first kiss?" I asked Emile a blush slowly crawling on my face.
"Sure! Get ready. I'll grab snacks!" He sat up giving me a kiss on the cheek and went towards the kitchen. I grabbed a warm shirt and Both our coats.
*Time skip to after they left the park. All they did was have a picnic, kissed then watched the stars!*
Emile and I came home to a smashed window and things scattered everywhere, like there was a fight. Emile Bolted to Lindsey's room, I followed. I felt the colour fade from my face. Her room was destroyed and Lindsey wasn't anywhere. She was gone!
"S-she's gone. Where is she? Jon? Where is she?!" Emile asked me, almost yelling at me, Tears pouring down his face.
"I-I don't know.." I Fell down to my tears, breaking down.
This was my fault. I said we should leave. I said it would be a good idea. Why did I say that??
Lindsey Point of View
I got thrown into the back of a white van. Huh. Teachers always say never get in a car that's white. Or a van. Ironic isn't it? I couldn't really do anything, My hands were tied behind my back and I was gagged with a ball of tape. Tape isn't really a good thing to taste. Hey author why tape why not like Rubber bands??
Lindsey DONT BREAK THE DAMN 4th WALL!! Mindwipe

"Hey Fucker! Remember me!?" I heard a voice say. It sounded Familiar but it didnt.
"Oh so you don't how about this!" Suddenly a Jolt of something hit me in the back. Making me flinch and cry out, which was muffled by the gag.

Dad! My real father!
So schedule.


Okay! Hope you like that! It's keep me Happy so I know what days are which book update!
Anyways More mystery!!

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