Chapter 6 "River Banks and Revelations"

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Trans Dimensional Beings (D-Bee’s):




The common term applied to sentient creatures not of the Human Species. This term is applied to all beings whether they were born on Earth or on a different world or dimension. Some of the more extreme elements of Human society use the term to also refer to any human with a genetic mutation or natural mystic/psychic abilities.


        - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


Huron River Valley

        Meg watched the figure circling above her with a perplexed smile. She was sure by the way the person was standing on her flying board that it was a woman and not man despite the heavy coat and armor. When she spoke and the woman nearly fell from the board Mega had to fight not to laugh out loud.

        “Umm,” the woman above her said through some sort of voice amplifier, “what did you say?”

        Meg needed to think about what she hearing. The words sounded like she should understand them but they were off, like she was hearing an unknown dialect or watching a period movie set in the Middle Ages when the English language was so different. After a second the meaning clicked together in her mind.   

        “I asked,” speaking slowly as she realized the flying woman was probably having as much of a problem understanding what Meg was saying as Meg was having understanding her. “Can you tell me where I am? I appear to be lost.”

        The flying board descended until it was nearly touching the surface of the river. The rider knelt down and slipped the black and copper mask from her face and pushed back the dark hood to reveal beautifully delicate features and sparking green eyes, long blonde hair, and pointed ears.

        She looks like a fucking elf, like in those stupid movies Ricky always makes me watch, Meg thought not feeling nearly as shocked as she would have if she hadn’t gotten a look at the moon.

        “You are currently treading water in the middle of the Huron River,” the woman said. Then she added with a raised eyebrow, “And if you don’t mind me saying, it’s rather impressive that you are not freezing to death or being moved by the current.”

        “Well I think it’s rather impressive that you’re floating up there with obvious means of propulsion or power generation,” Meg snapped back her engineers mind kicking in. “In fact I have to say there is no way that giant boomerang should be in the air.”

        “You’ve never heard of a flying wing?” the woman asked.

        “Nope,” Meg answered. “Would you like to maybe move this conversation to the shore? I mean if you’re fine doing this here so am I but I feel like we may be a wee bit exposed and I have a few questions I’d really like to have answered.”

        A strange expression filled the woman’s face before she broke out in a full throated laugh. “Sure let’s move this party to the shore, do you need a hand over?”

        “No,” Meg replied looking toward the shore, “I’m good.” And with that she swam to the shore without being moved an inch further downstream.


        “Yeah, Colonel, there’s one survivor, a young woman,” Miranda said into her throat mic as her Wing Board came to a rest on the snowy river bank. She watched the woman pull herself up onto the ice covered rock bank, stand, and bend to pop her back.

        “That felt good,” the young woman said with a grin.

        “We’re setting camp at the fallen bridge,” Colonel McCoy said in her ear, “Determine if she’s a threat or if she needs help. I trust your judgment Randa.”

        “That’s clear, boss,” Miranda answered.

        “So, who’s this Colonel person you were talking to Randa?” the damp young woman asked.

        “There’s no way you heard that conversation,” Miranda responded in shock. “I’m using a sub audible throat mic and an ear piece.”

        “Don’t know what to tell you blondie,” the woman responded. “Ever since my poor Jeep went into the drink I’ve been able to all kinds of fucked up shit.”

        “What’s your name?” Miranda asked, then added taking a hard look at her, “and what happened to your chest?”

        “Name’s Meg, I don’t-” she replied looking down and stopping in mid sentence. When she’d left the house it’d been cold and snowing heavily so she’d worn a thick blue U of M sweatshirt under her coat. Where there should have been a thick layer of fabric covering her chest, there was a ragged and charred hole.

        “What the fuck?” Meg whispered unconsciously poking a finger into the hole. She expected to touch burned and broken flesh but instead she touched the smooth flesh between her breasts.

        “Looks like you took a plasma blast to the chest,” Miranda observed. “Have you been in battle recently?”

        “Battle?” Meg answered in a daze. “No, I was just driving to the store to get some milk before dinner.”

        Miranda stepped off her wing board and approached Meg. “Are you sure about that? There aren’t any towns or villages around here for dozens of miles.”

        I was driving into town, I was going to run into Meijer and pick up a few things for Mom,” Meg said not really paying any attention to Miranda as she approached. “I was crossing the bridge across the lake, there was a flash of lighting, and then the lake was gone and I was in the river.”

        Miranda stared at Meg and the pieces assembled themselves in her mind—the antique vehicle, the girl’s odd use if words and accent, the lightning, the bridge, and the vanishing lake. She’d heard stories at the University about situations like this but and never expected to be involved in one herself.

        “Meg,” Miranda said reaching out and taking the girls hand in her own. She was slipping further into a fugue-like state and didn’t resist. “I think you should sit down, there are some things I need to tell you.”


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