The journey.

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We never asked for our existence and yet we came to be. We seek meaning when all else seemed void and we find fulfillment when time is wasted wisely spent with the things we want to do or with people dear to us.

Along with a tiring journ was a promise of everlasting bliss sealed with understanding and commitment along with the one you choose . You have the freedom as your birth and it takes courage alone to exercise what you already had. Taking a step toward something, someone or somewhere maybe encouraged with a push but walking to it takes your full strength to endure and get going. It takes decision, will, stupidity and madness to finish a long journey perplexed but proud.

We are dealt with accordingly and are held responsible for all that we did and failed to do. It is inherent by nature the law that governed our weighing scales. What goes around comes around a cliche goes. So in our journey we choose where and whom we go with.

Life's conspiracy works magnanimously you are trapped in your own bait. You're failed at your own parameters and you're insecure with what you completely knew you are incapacitated. At the end of it all, you will retire saggy - either wrinkled with stress or with laugh lines on your face.

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