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(picture is Eli) 

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 6 ~ Simpsons in the school building

I woke up. I brushed my teeth. I had a shower. I decided to get dressed. 

Hmmm, what shall I wear? 

I chose some jeggings a vintage top, and a brown cardigan.

I went downstairs and decided to eat breakfast.

Hmmm, and what shall I eat? 

I chose some coco pops. Gotta love them. I munched down my food, then tidied up a bit. I cleaned up all the empty bottles and cans. Which then reminded me of my dad. I unlocked the basement last minute then hoped off outside to school, locking my front door behind me. If my dad had actually survived the night, he could find the way out himself. 

It was then that I remembered Walter. I smiled to myself. I thought about him all over again on the way to school, which was a fifteen minute walk. I couldn't wait to see him, but that didn't guarantee that I would have the guts to say much to him, it didn't guarantee that we would even talk to each other at all. 

Well I had to hope for the best. 


"Hey Coral!" I heard from somewhere behind me as I reached the school gates.

I turned to see my only close friend Hayley run up to me. Her chestnut brown hair was tied into a ponytail and she grinned as she caught up with me. 

"Hey!" I greeted back. 

"I haven't seen you for ages, is there any reason for that?" Hayley narrowed her eyes at me playfully.

"Noo, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time!" I sang back at her. 

She laughed, "Why are you so happy?"

I thought about it, and the truth was.....I honestly didn't know. "Eh..no idea," I shrugged.

"It's a boy isn't it?" She said, "Who is he? Where?" she started looking around in all directions frantically.

"Stop that," I laughed, "You look like an idiot. And no it's not a guy, gosh. I just don't know."

"Hmmm, I'll find out sooner or later. You know how gossip is at this school." She smirked at me. 

I smirked back, "Whatever Hayley, you won't find out about a thing, because there is nothing!"

We were now in the school building and we walked over to our lockers to get out our books. Suddenly all the students in the hallway began whispering and all looking in the same direction. Hayley and I followed their gaze out of the wall of glass, and there walking across the grass were Walter, Eli, Gomez, Giovanni and Severn Simpson. Walter had his hands stuffed deep into the pockets of his black jeans and was talking to Eli, who was looking down, his brown hair covering his face. The triplets were messing around, pushing each other, laughing. Well, I wasn't expecting the whole fricking bunch!


The school was in uproar, and it was only lunchtime.

Gossip travelled at the speed of light here, and I had already found out about a whole lot of things. Gomez had been caught stealing from teachers twice already and apparently, Eli had threatened a guy with a knife too. Didn't hear much about Severn or  Giovanni, apart from the fact that they took their brothers' side in everything, and Walter had threw someones scissors at a teacher in a rage. 

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