Chapter 18

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Chapter 18
TIME LAPSE: 6 months

Tris' POV:

Today Tobias and I are in inviting Uriah and Christina, and the kids over. But, what they don't know is, we're throwing a surprise "half birthday" party for Kenna and Jax. We've grown pretty close to them for the little time they've been here.

Tobias and I wake up at 8:00 a.m., to get a head start on decorating. The twins are the most awake and active at around 2-3 p.m.

We get dressed quickly, and go get some breakfast. Christina and Uriah are already there with their kids.

"Jax! Kenna!" I say, picking them up one at a time and kissing their cheeks.

Jax giggles when I pick him up, and as does Kenna when Tobias picks her up.

"Hey Uriah! Hey Christina!" I greet them.

"Hey Four and Tris," Uriah says. Chris waves.

"How've they been?" Tobias asks, pointing to the kids in the highchairs.

"Great! McKenna sits up-but you already knew that- and Jaxon is really close," Chris says.

"Yay Jax!" I clap, trying to get him to clap with me.

He just smiles at me. I smile back.

We finish, and head back to our apartment.

Time to decorate.

I made a banner yesterday that reads, "Happy Half B-Day Kenna and Jax!"

Tobias and I hang it over our dining room table, where some gifts and cake will be. They both love cake.

Tobias and I got them each two presents. A pink blanket for Kenna that says "McKenna" on it, with a paisley pattern on it. We got Jax the same thing, but it's black with flames, and says his name, Jaxon.

Then, we got them each a big plush stuffed animal. Jax has a monkey, and McKenna an elephant.

We roll up the blankets, and set them in a way where it looks like the animals are holding them.

Next, I pick up balloons, and we hang streamers and things.

Zeke and Shauna arrive at around 1 p.m. to help out. They bring food, like chips, drinks, cake, burgers, etc.

They set their gifts down too.

A few other people show up. People from Chris and Uri's work.

When we have everything put in place, we hear a knock on the door.

"Coming!" I yell. Everyone inside goes quiet.

I open the door, and Chris stands holding Jax, and Uri holds Kenna.

"Come in!" I say.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone yells.

McKenna and Jaxon get surprised looks on their faces, not expecting the loud yelling, but the look of shock is soon overcome by gigantic smiles. Jax laughs.

"Aww! Guys!" Chris says.

"Happy Half Birthday!" I say to the twins.

McKenna opens her arms, reaching for me.

"Hi Kenna!" I hold her and bring her farther into the room. Chris and Uri follow behind me.

McKenna spots Tobias and squeals, now reaching for him.

"Hey, Kenna!" He holds her.

I pick up Jaxon.

"Hey buddy, how you doin?" I ask.

He gurgles and smiles at me with chubby cheeks.

We all hang out for thirty minutes, and then I yell, "Presents!"

Kenna sits up on the ground near the couch, kicking her legs. Jax sits with his back up against the couch, since he sometimes struggles to stay up.

Tobias and I place the stuffed animals and blankets in front of them.

Kenna immediately unravels the blanket and attempts to wrap herself in it.

Jax reaches for the stuffed animal, and I move it closer to him. He falls into the plush fur and giggles.

"Aww thanks guys!" Christina says. "They love it!"

Uriah picks up Jaxon's blacket and unfolds it.

"Look how Dauntless this is Jaxon!" He says, showing his son, who is mesmerized by his toy monkey. Uriah just ruffles his son's hair.

"McKenna look at that cute elephant!" Chris gushes, showing Kenna her new toy. McKenna hugs the elephant and everyone says, "Aww!"

Kenna smiles, loving the attention.


After the party, Christina, Uriah, Zeke, and Shauna stay behind to help clean up.

"Thank you guys for this," Uriah says, clapping Tobias on the back, and giving me a quick hug.

"No problem!" I say.

We finish cleaning up, and before Chris and Uri are out the door with the kids I yell, "Happy half birthday Jax and Kenna!"

Tobias and I go to the bedroom, and get ready for bed.

After I'm changed, I walk to our baby's vase.

I kiss two fingers and run them over the container.

"I love you baby boy, goodnight." I still cannot say his name.

This has become a daily ritual for Tobias and I. We always say goodnight to him.

I crawl into bed, and watch Tobias do what I just did. He slips under the covers with me.

I rest my head on his chest and he puts his arm around me.

"I love you Tris."

"I love you Tobias."

We sit in silence for a while, then turn out the light.


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