Sink or Swim.

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I heard an almost inaudible whimper from under a pile of heavy equipment and my heart sunk. I hope that Jet's okay. I saw Jet's little orange head pop up and he made his way over to us with a severe limp. Like Evelyn did earlier, he put on a brave face. I bent down to inspect Jet's leg.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." A voice said. I'm assuming that was Jet, right? Yay, context clues!

I lightly touched Jet's leg and he shuddered, as if it really hurt. This really concerned me, so I took a closer look. When the monitors smashed, some of the larger shards imbedded themselves into Jet's leg. It didn't look good from the rate at which he was losing blood. I gasped at how bad his leg looked.

"You're not okay!" I told him. I picked Jet up and cradled him, but he was hard for me to carry.

As usual, Ben took this oppertunity to tease me about my lack of upper body strength and offered to carry Jet for me. Jet didn't seem to like the idea of anyone babying him, or maybe he just didn't like Ben. It may be a little of both, I don't know.

"How are we going to get out of here?" Ben asked.

I touched the metal grates in front of me and put my hands in feet in the grates, using them as footholds as I made my way up. "Like this!"

(A/N: I'm sorry, but no. There's no way that the Pinchers would have a random ladder laying around for the sole purpose of having the Pichu from Dolce Island lower it to save the Rangers. Nuh-uh, no way. That isn't feasible in any possible way. Logic be damned when it comes resolving conflicts, huh? But, no, I'm making this a little more realistic, save the "understanding Pokemon" thing. Yeah, I'll probably inform you of some of the little changes that I make in Author's Notes, so you understand my reasons for changing them.)

When we got out of the command room, I heard the distressed calls of Pokemon. The Pokemon from Dolce Island! I was thankful that the grates were linked to every room.

We thankfully both made it into the room where all of the Pokemon were. "We're sorry that we left you, but we have to go now."

There was a loud beep that sounded over the speakers. "Beep Beep! Water has breached the Submarine! Please evacuate!"

The Submarine tilted again. "It's almost like we're sliding down a slope on the seafloor!" Ben mused before motioning for the Dolce Island Pokemon to follow us.

We made it to the room with the escape hatch when we saw the two Pinchers from the control room huddled around a box. One girl was on the verge of tears.

"What are you doing? We have to get out of here!" Ben said, giving them weird looks.

"Our leader tried to save us from being squashed by this crate, but she ended up getting buried beneath it!" The teary-eyed girl choked out.

Even though they were the enemies, I felt a swell of sympathy for them. I went to one side of the box and tried to lift it off of Blue Eyes. Ben noticed this and tried to help me after setting Jet gently down onto the ground.

"You really thought that you could do this alone, Little Bit? You still ask me to open soda bottles for you." Ben pointed out, attempting to help me.

"No harm in trying." I shot back before giving the crying girl a small smile. "Can you help us lift this crate?"

The girl gave a hopeful smile and stood up. Both Pinchers helped us lift the box off of Blue Eyes. Blue Eyes groaned and I helped her up.

Blue Eyes gave me a wary look. "We're enemies." She simply stated.

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