49: An Awaited Confession♥️

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Author's POV:

         With the sky swiftly changing into its hues, the evening was finally starting to spread it's wing as Mahir asked Aayat politely,

"Shall we get going?"

Aayat radiantly smiled as she nodded. They both stood up and walked outside the restaurant and as they were out Aayat asked,

"Wait, isn't our tour guide coming with us?"

Mahir looked at her and just said,
"I don't think so."

He continued to walk while Aayat paused for a second thinking that something is unusual here. But than just shrugged away the thought and caught up with Mahir.

       They were both walking now towards the area of lake side, as the time was passing on its own accord. The lane was romantically quiet as the winds blew ever so gently. While both of them kept walking, Mahir quietly stealth glances of her face as she was lost in her own thoughts, smiling at something.

        Mahir too smiled as he asked out of curiosity,
"What are you smiling at?"

Aayat looked towards him and smiled further as she than said,

"I was just remembering the college trip. The old times. Everything was so simple back then. No responsibilities. No commitments. No worries. Just all of us peers, travelling to an unknown town for the first time. Having fun."

Mahir just nodded and said,
"Yeah. That was really a good time."

Aayat laughed as she recalled one of the memories as she said,
"Oh do you remember that bonfire that we all did. That was such a nice evening. All of the boys of your team were singing songs and playing guitar."

Mahir too chuckled as he remembered.
"Yes. Those foolish people!"

"Don't say like that." Aayat said and than asked,
"Everyone of your friends were singing except you though. Why?"

At this, Mahir looked at her as he remembered why he actually wasn't totally present mindfully in those activities. It was because he was restless upon finding out That Aaliyah had been making plots against Aayat. But as he didn't want to bring any of that up, he just said instead,

"Well, to be fair, you weren't singing when it was girls turn either."

Aayat just smiled as she said,
"I.. I have never been like other girls many a times. I am probably different from them.."

Mahir paused for a second as he mumbled in soft tone,
"That you are."

But, the girl who had fastened her speed by a bit, had definitely heard it.


         With a walk of several more minutes, they finally took the last step towards the lake side, and as they finally stepped towards the other side of the wooden gate, they were standing on the green land that served as the shore for the magnificent lake that flowed effortlessly, as the crimson reflection of setting sun illuminated on its mirror. A soft gasp left Aayat's lips as she mumbled quietly,

"Ma sha Allah, this is just as beautiful as it was back then."

"True." Mahir said as he was instead busy with reading her expressions.

She immediately removed her heels and stepped with her soft feets on the wet, lime fresh grass, as she walked through the area, quietly observing it's beauty. She turned back to look at Mahir who was standing folding his hands over chest and motioned her to do the same.

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