Chapter 1: The start of it all

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It was just any other day. My dad's brother and his family were staying with us for a couple of months until my uncle could buy a house. My cousin and I were playing Playstation in my room. I'm Danny by the way. "No screen peeking, Kyle!" "I'm not, Danny!" "Boys! Dinner's ready," my mom said. I paused the game and we went downstairs. Kyle pushed past me and said, "Last one there has to eat the leftovers!" I followed him down and ended up tripping over him and we both rolled down the stairs and into the cellar. we saw this door that was cracked open. "What is that?" I said. "Oh, yeah. My dad's a scientist," said Kyle. "Cool. What does he study?" "Pretty much everything." We went inside the lab and there were a bunch of weird machines that Kyle said not to touch. I found this really small one labeled Kingdom Come: 2748. "What's this?" "Don't touch that Danny!" There was a flash of light. "Kyle, what's happening? Aaahhhh!"

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