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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 9

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Later in the day, after they had sent Liam and Niall home, they went up to their bedroom. They had spent most of their time in there, and it smelt of sex, but they didn't seem to notice as Louis pulled his panties down slightly. He turned his bum to Harry so that he could add the attachment, whatever that was, to the plug, so that it would look better.

He heard plastic hitting plastic as his dominant ruffled around in a drawer before closing it and walking over to Louis. As he felt a warm hand press to his lower abdomen, he remembered something that he hadn't done in a while; which would be taking a piss. He didn't say anything of his discomfort as Harry lightly pressed inward, pushing whatever plug plugger he had into where the tube used to be, but he knew that he would have to take the embarrassing moment to tell Harry that he had to pee if the man didn't stop pressing on his bladder.

"Sir, can you please not hold me there?" he asked quietly, feeling his face heat as he looked over his shoulder to Harry, who looked back at him with those warm green eyes and nodded, taking his hand away, and putting it instead on his hipbone.

He felt a rough thumb start tracing the place where his hips jutted out slightly, and shivered as tingles were sent all throughout his body, leaving him feeling warm and happy as the traces continued.

He felt a soft pat on his bum and turned around to see Harry telling him that he should feel around. He did as told and reached around to feel a fluffy tail poking out from where the tube was before. He giggled as he ran his fingers through the fur, looked questioningly to Harry.

"How is this going to fit in my pants, Sir?" He asked, trying to get a glimpse of the ball of fur.

"Well, I have some special pants for you, but you may have to take off your panties." He said, still running his finger near his hip.

"Okay." The smaller boy answered simply, letting the soft lace fall around his ankles to stand stark naked in front of the man. He had turned around completely to look at what Harry was doing, and currently the man had gone back to the drawers to grab whatever he was trying to find. Harry was quick to pull out a pair of spandex leggings that had a built in hole in the back, and a regular white v-neck that was definitely his.

He knelt down and helped Louis slip
his feet into the holes, pulling them up his otherwise naked legs; smiling while doing so. Once they were all the way up he made sure the sides weren't folded, and went around to Louis' back side to pull the poof of white fur through the hole.

He pressed lightly on the base of the plug, Louis had noticed he liked to do that, and stood up, pressing a soft kiss to the side of Louis' neck where he lingered. Louis grabbed the white tee and pulled it over his head as he turned around to kiss Harry on the cheek.

"So where are we going sir?" He asked, smiling.

"We are going to get our care packages." Harry said, kissing Louis wetly on the mouth.


Louis squealed quietly when he heard that they were going to get the care packages. That was something every submissive looked forward to, because they were issued things that were comforting, and they were aloud to use them whenever they wanted without their dominant telling them no, because it was off limits for the dominant to tell them not to use something that was in the package.

They headed out after Louis slid on his TOMS and walked to the Range Rover that was sitting in the driveway. They climbed in and buckled themselves in before Harry took off driving to his post office. Of course, it's not really his, but it's closer to his house than Louis', so he referred to it as Harry's.

The drive to the post office was short as they ended up in a parking spot relatively close to the entrance about ten minutes after they had started driving. Harry stepped out of the car and went around to Louis' side to help him out as well before they walked hand in hand to the doors.

He pulled open the door and unlinked their hands so that he could place his arm around Louis' shoulder. They slowly walked in and went to the desk at the front to ask for the boxes.

"What do you want?" The lady said in a monotone voice, not looking up from the magazine she was reading.

"Actually, I'm gonna go to my P.O. box, but thanks." He said, getting slightly angry at the lady. They hadn't done anything to her, why was she being rude? Everyone at the post office always loved Harry because he had donated money to them awhile back to get them a better office and such. Now this bitch had to go and have a bad mood towards him.

He shooed Louis towards the part of the office that had the small boxes in the wall, but decided that their care packages couldn't fit in them so he would have to go to the back room. He once again pushed Louis lightly towards the door that led to the back and when they walked through they were met with a neatly organised room that was quite full with rows of care packages.

At the desk there was an old lady, probably in her early 70's, who immediately stood up to go to them, even though her body didn't seem very stable and she staggered slightly as she walked.

"Harry dear, I haven't seen you in so long." She said in a typical old lady voice, though there was a small hint of an Irish accent in some words.

"I know, I know. But I've just got my mate and I've been sort of busy." He said quietly, walking to meet the lady half way.

"Oh yes, I can see that. Hello dear, my names Gene. What's yours?" She asked, raising a shaky hand towards the small lad. He grabbed her hand, which as extremely soft, and shook it lightly.

"My name's Louis." He answered, smiling at the old lady.

"Louis, such a wonderful name. Treat this boy right, he's a good one." She said to him, smiling warmly.

"Yes he is." He muttered under his breath as he pulled his hand away.

"So anyways Gene, we're here for our care packages." Harry said, walking towards the aisle that had 'R-T' printed on it. "Ours should be in here darling." He said quietly to Louis, patting the boys bum. It came to Louis once again that he seemed to have developed a liking towards touching his bum, and figured he would have to ask him about it soon, even though he didn't mind the soft contact at all.

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