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"hey tsumu can we hang out today?" asked oikawa tooru over the phone.

"yeah sure. let's meet at the mall in 10 yeah?" atsumu said and the brunette agreed.

"where are you going?" asked yukiteru aru, atsumu's boyfriend.

"i'm just going to the mall with tooru-chan," the faux blonde smiled.

"hm okay. be back by 7 babe," yukiteru says.

"you got it!" atsumu says as he walks out.


"hey tsumuuu~" the brunette said holding out the "u".

"heyy~" atsumu matched the energy.

the two walked around for a bit just talking and laughing. they shopped a bit but for the most part just looked.

they decided to stop at a little shop and get something to eat.

the cafe was nice and warm.

"so how's yukiteru?" tooru asks as they look through their menus.

"he's good, our two month anniversary is coming up soon," atsumu said with a small smile.

"aww cute! what are you guys gonna do?"

"i'm not sure, we're probably just gonna stay in and chill."


once they got their food they thanked the waitress.

"tsumu why are you just picking at your food? aren't you hungry?" the brunette asks after noticing the faux blonde mostly taking small sips of his strawberry lemonade.

"i dunno i might just take it home and save it for later," atsumu answered and oikawa nodded.

once the two left the cafe they walked down the streets of tokyo.

the sun would be setting soon and the atmosphere was peaceful.

"i wish it could be like this all the time," atsumu says.

"like what?" tooru asks slightly confused.

"quiet, warm.. i dunno it's just nice right now like a scene in a movie," the blonde continues.

"oh yeah i could see that," the brunette smiles.

"so how are you and iwaizumi doing?" atsumu asks changing the subject.

"so good! last night he was being the sweetest. he made me dinner and milk bread because he said" oikawa paused taking over a deeper voice, "you're overworking yourself again" he then went back to his normal voice. "and i was like i'm totally not i'm just doing what i normally would, but of course i was happy for the food. iwa-chan's really just the best," the brunette smiled gleefully making atsumu smile too.

"that's great tooru, you really hit the jackpot with that one."

"i know right!"

when atsumu got back to his apartment building it was 6:58. he walked inside his shared apartment.

"i'm home," he called quietly.

yukiteru came out from their bedroom, "fucking finally," he mumbled.

"have you eaten yet?" atsumu asks.

"no, go make something," the straight black haired male said.

yukiteru aru had straight black hair and blue eyes. he was very handsome and anyone who got close thought so.

it was no surprise when atsumu and yukiteru got together.

even osamu liked him and that was saying a lot since he rarely liked any of atsumu's lovers.

the faux blonde had been so happy that everyone in his life liked his boyfriend.

they really were a perfect couple...


first chapter!
if no one could tell i'm low key basing "yukiteru" on yukiteru amano from future diary hahah ofc not exactly just with the name and blue eyes but i thought i was worth mentioning haha

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