Great Gatsby poetry

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Here are some poems related to The Great Gatsby. Some are found poems and others are based on the novel. These are not just for Great Gatsby fans, but can be enjoyed by everybody. My favorite is I Never Loved You (the last one). Tell me what you think, Enjoy!

The Party Begins

A corps of caterers came down

By seven o'clock

The orchestra has arrived.

No thin five piece affair.

On buffet tables,

Garnished with glistening hors d'oeuvres.

The party has begun.

People were not invited-

They went there.

A whole pitful of oboes-

Enough colored lights to make

A Christmas tree of

Gatsby's enormous garden.

The party has begun.

The cars from New York

Parked five deep in the drive.

Spiced baked hams

Crowded against salads

of Harlequin designs,

Among swirls and eddies

Of people I didn't know.

The party has begun.

Happy vacuous bursts

Of laughter rose towards

The summer sky,

Convinced that it was theirs,

For a few words in the right key.

Trombones and Saxophones,

The party has begun.

More Interesting

They are more interesting,

Than us.

With their chopped hair

Blood red lips

And clothes,

So loose,

Perfect to dance in

They are different,

Than us.

They drink

Then stumble

Then make fools,

Of themselves

They are awful,

Unlike us.

They become fools,

We keep our wits

We remain sane,

They blubber

Tell tales