It’s been five years since Melanie Meyer left Springfield, leaving everything behind – her normal human life, her human and vampire friends and of course, Garret Stone. But when she goes home, she didn’t expect everything to change drastically. But what could she do? A lot can change in five years.

Melanie wants a normal life – well, as normal as a vampire could have. But “normal” is not really the word you really use when you’re the Vampire Princess. Not to mention when your ex-lover’s mother and a crazy doctor is hunting you. It’s not easy being the princess.

And what can she do when she’s still hopelessly and uncontrollably in love with her ex-boyfriend, knowing they can’t be together when the both of them already has new lovers?

This is not your typical vampire story. Not one of those cliché ones. This is a story about the Vampire Princess.


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So here's the sequel of Vampire Royalty! :) 

Warning: Don't read if you haven't read Vampire Royalty! You wouldn't understand a thing in this story if you won't read the first one. :D

Happy reading!

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