Chapter 19

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Chiyo POV

Hayate jumps back and neither one of us move an inch, "Please lady's first." I mock surprise, "Wow such a gentlemen." I launch at him as fast as I can catching him by surprise, but I don't let him catch his breath. "You and that man coming her and causing all that trouble. You and that snake are going to pay mark my words."

He laughs and he catches my foot that was aiming at his head, and I feel a lot of pain. I get out of his grip and my left leg gives out, "So you have skills in medical ninjutsu how annoying," He holds his hand up showing the blue surrounding it with a smirk.

"Chakra scalpel simple but effective now I'm afraid I don't have time to play

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"Chakra scalpel simple but effective now I'm afraid I don't have time to play." He comes at me at a decent speed, he's defiantly jounin level what a pain. I dodge his attempts giving my leg time to heal, "What are you afraid? I thought the Senju clan was supposed to be full of warriors not cowards."

His comment caught me a little off guard and he lands a hit on my stomach sending me a few feet back. I flip myself around just in time to jump over him and hiss, this mark hurts more does it mean Orochimaru is close by. "And how would you know its not like you've fought so many Senju before." He shrugs, "Very true but you wouldn't know either seeing as you where abandoned by your own mother." How the hell does he know!? Just how much digging did they do on me and if they did this much who else has done the same?

Kakashi POV

Chiyo's whole face darkens at Kabuto's comment, "Kakashi-sensei what does Kabuto mean." I glance at Sakura aware that everyone around us was listening in as well, "I'm sure you are aware that Chiyo didn't grow up in the village. All I can say for now is that her upbringing was very hard and tough."

"Wind style: Heavy Wind Bullet." It grazes Kabuto's side still causing a lot of damage, and cracking the wall behind him. "I advise you not to talk like you know me or anything that I've been threw Kabuto. You're really starting to piss me off and I'm trying not to kill you."

He glares at Chiyo blood coming from the corner of his mouth and his shirt began to stain on the side. "It's about time someone knocked you down a peg." He appears behind Chiyo and releases a purple substance, it completely covers the two and Chiyo is the first to come out of it. She collapse on her knee's coughing large amounts of blood, "Poison...." Kabuto immerges out completely unaffected, "It's my own creation, right now you're organs are collapsing and you're heart is shutting down."

Chiyo leans on her front arms they where visible shaking, no she can't be easily defeated. "Chiyo come on don't let him beat you!!!" Naruto's words seem to have affected her as she struggled to push herself back up. I tense when I see black markings crawling up her skin, the curse mark...

Hayate looks like he was about to call the match when Kabuto runs at her and stabs her in the spin. My eyes widen when it turns to be a wood clone everyone silent trying to figure out where Chiyo is. Suddenly a laugh echo's around the arena, "Damn imagine if that was the real me. Your pretty good Kabuto but you have a some way to go to get on my level."

Chiyo was hanging upside down on the ceiling not a scratch on her, so we've been watching a clone this whole time. I chuckle a little, I should have known. She lets herself fall to the ground her fist pulled back aiming at him. He struggles to get out the way his right hand healing his side the best he can. "Eat shit!" Her fist slams in the ground cracking the ground into chunks, now I know not to piss my Imouto to much.

She creates a clone and they both weave signs that I had a hard time keeping up with, "Fire style: Great Fire Dragon Jutsu!" "Wind style: Wind Dragon Bullet jutsu!"

Both jutsu's combine and with the ground so broken there was hardly any escape for Kabuto. I narrow my eyes as the dust clears and Kabuto was on the ground unconconsie, "Winner Chiyo Senju!" My team cheers and I appear in front of Chiyo just before she collapses and catch her in my arms.

"I'm proud of you Imouto you had me a little worried about that mark." She laughs a little, "I had it under control Oniisan but it took a lot of chakra to keep it from activating." I put her on my back just as the medic team comes towards me, "I got her." Chiyo rest her head on my shoulder when I shunshin outside the arena, her breathing slows so I know she's asleep.

Chiyo really is something else and I will try to be the best Oniisan she and Kasumi could have after everything they have been threw.


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