2- Oliver

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I am so glad to be born in May. The air wasn't cold enough to make you wear a jacket, but it was cold enough for you to feel the heat coming off the fire. I looked at Auburn as he was talking to a smaller woman. He smiled down at her with all the love in his body. She would occasionally look up at him and smile back.  I smiled before looking at my watch. 5:52. Here soon, I can meet my mate just as he met his. 

I got the feeling I was being stared at, so I started to look around but there were lots of people around me.  Some were dancing to the music playing around while others were talking to each other loudly.  I continued to scan the crowd until my phone started buzzing. I pulled it out seeing Mason was calling me.  I answered the phone as I got up to walk to a quieter area.  "Mason?"

As I moved away from everyone, I could hear clearly through the phone someone throwing up.  My face twisted in a bit of disgust.  "Hey! Keira  isn't feeling the greatest so I took her home and I'm going to stay with her.  Don't be out too late though," Mason told me.  After giving him reassurance he was about to hang up when he stopped me.  "And don't freak if you don't find him tonight.  He may just be in a different pack,  okay?" I smiled,  recalling how my brother panicked when he didn't find his on his birthday.

"I won't.  I may be excited to meet him, but I'm not desperate, " I responded.  He went to respond,  but Keira called for him.  Quickly saying goodbye,  Mason ended the call.  I smiled to myself. Before I knew it, a heavenly scent filled my senses. A mix of pinewood and old spice hit my nose had Adeela pacing. Follow it! Find it! She shouted. My mate had to be near! I smiled widely before trying to track the scent. Surprisingly, the scent was nowhere near the fire. I followed the scent toward the other side of the building I had been on. 

Right as the scent had gotten fresh, someone suddenly pushed me against the building's wall. Little electric shocks tingled my nerves as they pinned my hands above my head. I found myself letting out a little gasp at the touch. I looked at my assailant to find Desmond's dark eyes staring back at me through his dark red hair. Desmond was the third in command, the gamma of the Crescent Moon Pack, and the best friend to the Alpha. Mate.... Adeela muttered, but she didn't sound as excited as she just was. Desmond was breathing heavily, a trace of a foreign substance was in his breath. His outfit looked nice, but it was all disheveled, some spots of a dark liquid could be seen. I looked at him confused as he stared at me with hatred. "There's no way that someone like you can be my mate," He practically growled out. 

I could feel the anger coming off of him as I felt a piece of me crack and Adeela started to whimper. My anxiety spiked as I tried to pull my arm from his grasp, but he tightened his grip causing a pain to arise in my wrist. "You're hurting me," I said, which caused him to start laughing. "T-the goddess wouldn't like what you're doing to me. She p-paired us together for a reason." As soon as the words left my mouth, Desmond snarled in my face. His eyes were starting to swirl orange as his wolf let himself show. His power came off him in waves making me whimper and look away from him.

Desmond leaned closer to me. "The goddess would never put me with a pathetic faggot like you," he growled out. I tried again to pull out of his grip, but it was to no avail. Desmond leaned in real close to my face before his eyes seemed to scan my appearance. Something isn't right. We need to get away from him.  I did the only thing I could think of to do at that moment, I brought my knee up as fast as I could and kneed him in his manhood. He immediately let me go and I started to run. I started to pull out my phone to call Mason, but I was tackled to the ground which made me drop it. "I wasn't done with you," Desmond growled as he tangled his hand into my hair. He forcefully pulled me up before he roughly threw me over his shoulder. I struggled against his hold, yelling for him to let me go, as he carried me into the packs' gardening shed. He threw me off his shoulder, causing my head to harshfully slam against the ground.

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