" It's not what you think."

" is it?" I folded my arms and raised a questioning stand.

" That particular paparazzi is a special one," he blabber," he does that to make everyone feel suspicious and start up some bullshit rumors."
-"see how you just freak out right now ? I mean I was never married."

I sighed and leaned back on my seat as the driver took us away.

An hour later we arrived at my new home for a year. Students are giving me looks and wandering eyes. It's because of Jesse. The ladies gawk at Jesse as we make our way to the administration. I swear I've seen 5 girls doing that. Six including the woman behind the desk. She smile sweetly, and I roll my eyes secretly. Her name is Natasha, given away by the name tag pin to her shirt, she directed us toward a guy. He looks like one of the student, with blonde beach hair, buff body that looks fit and green eyes. He smile as he reach for my hand first, and he shake Jesse hand next. " So, my name is shawn. I'll be your guide for today."

" I'm Amelia, Amelia Heart."

" and you are?," shawn ask the man holding my arm so tight I feel like it's going to break.

" I'm Jesse Blue."

" Are you her dad ?."

I snort at his question while Jesse hand tighten more, " No, I'm her boyfriend."

He nods and he ask us to follow him outside the building toward the main campus. He shows us the main cafeteria and dining room, to the classes, special facilities and finally back to my dorm room. My dorm building is mix for both gender and my room is apparently just 2 doors away from Shawn. " Great ! Visit me if you have more question ! We will have a bonfire party tonight, it's campus friendly so I'll take you there if you decided to go," Shawn said, his eyes glow with excitement.

When we said good bye to Shawn, Jessr bodyguard appear carrying my stuff. I go and help him out too, since it's my stuff. Jesse carrying my boxes while I pull the last reminder of my suitcase. Seeing jesse doing normal people stuff make my stomach flip, he's just so hot. Can't believe he's all mine. Jesse went for my last box and I sigh as Im going to miss him so much. My feelings for him start to grow, and I somehow is annoyed by the idea. I do not want a broken heart, not this year.

He stack the last box on top of my other boxes and I thank him for helping me. I ran to him and hug him as tight as possible. He hug me back and chuckle, " you are not going to let me go now?."

I punch his hand lightly and hug him some more. He lift my head up and kiss me lightly, as his hand began to travel down my neck and the other above my waist. My hand automatically reach up to his neck and hair as the kiss begin to be more passionate.
His tongue synchronize with mine and I feel butterflies all over my stomach.

" Mr.Jesse, " jesse bodyguards call," you have a meeting in 30 minutes."

Jesse sigh and lean his forehead on mine. " I'm going to miss you and your crazy tantrum."

" we re still seeing each other on the weekend," I give the both of us hope.

He hmm in reply and peck me on the lips once more and I return it with a peck on his cheek. " leave now," i kick and shove him out the door, " you got a meeting to boss around and bunch of people to ruin."

He smile, " you know me so well."

He wave good bye and walk away, " I don't like that Shawn guy by the way, I'm keeping tabs on him." He shouted and I couldn't help but force a hand on my mouth and look around if anyone heard that.

" creepy jerk," I mutter to myself. He always leave me speechless and literally he just leave me speechless.


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