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Sometimes we just need to have it all

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Sometimes we just need to have it all.

Conquering is never enough, instead, one must learn to seduce.

The quirk of his brow definitely portrayed a shadow of his naiveness.

He fell for her.

She seduced him.

The king gulped, revealing his lust for more.

Perhaps a black gown divulging her bareback and shoulders wasn't enough.

Perhaps the slit on her shimmering, shiny skirt caught his eye.

She caressingly placed her hand on his chin and moved closer, feeling the breath of each others'.

He felt weak to his knees; he was seduced.

She held his gaze, even as his allies so urgently called for him.

How dare he not fulfil his own basic duties.

Unsuddenly, he could not breathe, his chest beat slower the second.

The unknown girl let out a small giggled and smirked away.

Oh, how pitiful it was to see his confused face.

She skimmed her hands off her chin while he tried to decipher the pain he felt - a puzzle that he had stumbled upon.

"I came, I saw and seduced," she whispered into the kings' ear and slowly turned to walk back into the dark shadows where she merged in as a nobody.

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