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chapter 2

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************I know this isn't very long but i'm still trying to set the scene and this just seemed like the best place to stop.  And it is so weird trying to write in third person pov lol anyways, please remember to vote and comment for this:)*****************

The weather was sunny, not unusual for California, the Orange County, famed for it’s hot weather and beautiful, rich inhabitants. 

The busy street was already bustling as a young girl came out of the coffee shop, balancing a latte in one hand and a heavy file in the other, her bag hanging down the side and bouncing off her skinny jeans with every step she took. 

Gazing up at the sun, she set the latte down on one of the tables outside the café, pulling her sunglasses out and balancing them on her face before picking her coffee up and continuing.  At this rate, she would be late for school where she was in her senior year, just a few months from graduation. 

She had a free period first thing on a Wednesday from Tulick High School, so she’d used this time to head into town and do a bit of much needed retail therapy.  With her dad away on business and his wife one step away from insanity, the household was interesting at the moment to put it into nice words.

This morning had been the strangest yet.  Her step-mom had been in a good mood, and was actually nice to her.  This may not sound strange to anyone else, but for Madison, who’s step-mom Geraldine had despised her since the day she married her dad, it was.

She had actually gone as far to suggest coming down here today for a little shopping, something that Madison wouldn’t normally do in the morning - but after much convincing she decided, ’why not’.

She wouldn’t buy much, just a couple of new tops or a pair of shoes, and then she’d get into school in time for Biology. 

Although Geraldine had been nice to her that morning, Madison couldn’t help but think ’why?’  She knew Geraldine hadn’t just suddenly started liking her step-daughter, so what was her game plan?

Sometimes Madison thought she saw Jealously in Geraldine’s eyes, then she realised it was resentment.  She hated the fact her dad and her came as a package.  They stuck to each other like glue, and if Geraldine tried to come between them they all knew who would win. 

That’s why Geraldine had perfected her acting skills when her dad was around; he never realised the tension around the two or if he did he’d never mentioned it to Madison.

Even though Madison only had a thin purple vest top on, she still felt hot and stuffy as she continued walking up the street, very aware of all the eyes on her.  It was something that made her uncomfortable, paranoid and out of place wherever she went. 

The constant eyes glancing and glaring her way…watching her every move; the guys that thought she was some sort of prize that could be bought and the girls that thought she was a constant threat to them - it made her feel sick.

Fixing her gaze on the ground, she turned sharply onto the street where she had parked her car earlier, impatient to get away from here. 

It annoyed her that people actually wanted this, wanted to be ‘beautiful’ if that’s what you would call it.  A curse was closer to the truth.  No one took her seriously…according to most of the world if you are pretty you can’t have any brains and won’t amount to anything more than a glamour model or a teenage mother.

Madison was determined to prove all these people wrong, the ones that spoke to her in a condescending manor and used phrases like ‘you wouldn’t understand’ when talking to her.

It took everything in her not to smack these people in the face, but she hadn’t yet and since she had just been accepted to Yale, they could all go screw themselves in her opinion. 

Although the time was only just going on 9am, the road in front of her was busy, the cars speeding past at an alarming speed.  People were leaving for work, dressed in respectable dresses and black suits - going to the glass skyscrapers that surrounded this part of town.

Maybe that’s the reason Madison never noticed the car that pulled up to her side.  Maybe that’s why she didn’t notice the guy getting out the car and walking around to her.  She never noticed the hat covering his face, or the large build that she didn’t have a chance of fighting. 

She did however notice the tattoo he had down the side of his neck - of a black knife - before he snatched her.

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