Bella's POV

I came in and everyone was there "Hey Bella, where were you?" Kian asked. "Yeah you were gone for 3 hours" Connor continued before I could answer. "I was just at the park" I said. Nat got up and came over to me "Girl talk, now" She whispered. "We'll be upstairs." I told the guys "Can I come?" Maya asked "Yeah girls, come on" Nat said.

We all went upstairs. "Bella, you look suspiciously happy, for a girl that just got her heart crushed" Nat said "What happened?"  Rose asked. "Well I met my internet friend, Etha and he kinda asked me out" I said. "OMG that's amazing" Lola said. "Hey, where's Andrea?" I asked. Rose looked down and Alina blurted "Kiancheatedonher" (I had to do it. Kiandrea is over. Sorry not sorry) "That's horrible" I replied. 

We talked for a bit and Nat looked at me with a scared look on her face. "Nat are you okay?" "Well, my mom called me today and said that I have to go back to NYC next week. You don't have to come with me though" "No, I don't want you traveling alone." "I am going to miss this place" "We should tell everyone." "What about your date with Ethan?" "Its tomorrow, I can tell him then"

We went downstairs and told everyone "Hey guys, umm so Nat and I have to go back home next week" "Awww, when will we see you again?" Trevor asked. "I don't know, thats the problem" Nat said with sadness. "We will definately miss you all." I said "We have Magcon in 4 weeks in NYC" Matt said "Yeah we could visit you" Cam said "That would be amazing" I said.

"We should have a movie night" Connor said. "What movie?" Ricky asked. "Pitch Perfect" Nat said "Why?" Carter asked "Umm are you forgeting, shes on her period" I said "Do you want her to have a bitch fit?" We watched the movie and then the guys wanted to watch something 'manlier' so they chose 'The Incredible Hulk' Nat was asleep and leaning on Trevor's shoulder so it didn't matter if she didn't like the movie.

After the movie ended I said "That movie wasn't incredible. It was incredibly boring" No one replied. I looked around the room. Everyone around the room was asleep. I went upstairs and went to bed.     

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