chapter 11

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***************************heyy guys, i just wanted to say thank you so much for all the votes and comments i got for the last guys really made my day:)  and i know this chapters not the most interesting but the next one will be a lot better lol.  If you've got time you should have a watch of the video at the side as well, its Lee Evans.  if you don't know who he is, he's a comedian and he is so funny so yep, if you want a laugh just have a watch lol********************************

The girls were still in mine when I got home, a half full litre bottle of vodka sitting on my kitchen table while they used all my fake-tan and raided my wardrobe for clothes.

“You’re back early,” Leanne observed as I plonked myself down at the table and put my head in my hands.

“Yeah you don’t even want to know,” I started, before adding, “Jenna I’m hating you right now.”

“Really, you didn’t like him?” Jenna asked grabbing the seat next to me and looking shocked.

“No.  I might have liked him better if he wasn’t still completely hung-up on his ex though,” I stated, making Leanne snort with laughter.

“You’re kidding.  How bad was he on a scale of one to ten?” She asked.

“I’d say nine,” I snapped, picking the bottle of vodka.  “Can I get a drink?”

“Help yourself,” Leanne told me.  “So what happened?”

“Nothing much…” I trailed off getting up to grab a glass, not in the mood to repeat the whole night to them. 

I finished pouring my drink and turned to face them, leaning against the bunker. 

“Where are you going tonight?” I asked with curiosity.  They were both clearly in the middle of getting ready to go somewhere.

“Party,” Jenna said with a smile.  “Do you wanna come?”

“Who’s party is it?” I asked taking a drink.

“Richie Matthews,” Jenna answered and I snorted out my drink.

“How’d you know him?” I asked with a laugh.

“I’m at uni with him.  How do you know him?” Jenna shot back with confusion.

“I went out with him a couple of years ago,” I replied and they both burst out laughing.

“So do you still want to come?” Jenna asked after a moment.

“Nah I think I’ll give it a miss,” I answered, sitting back down.

“Why?” Leanne questioned as she ran into the living room and returned a minute later with my straighteners in hand.

“We didn’t split up on good terms,” I replied evasively and thank god neither of them asked anything more on the subject, both just dropping it so Jenna could curl Leanne’s hair for her.

“Fine be a loser,” Leanne stated trying to goad me into going with them, but I was already en-route to my room for my pj’s so they could get lost. 

There was no way I was gonna sit in a guys house who probably hated me for breaking it off two years ago and ignoring all his calls.  I need to stop doing that don’t I?  I really am a bitch.

I grabbed a pair of sweats and a hoodie out my wardrobe - which looked like a bomb had gone off in it I’ll add - and slipped them on before going back through. 

“I really can’t believe you’re staying in on a Saturday,” Leanne teased when I got back through to the kitchen, picking up the menu for dominoes. 

I know I went out for dinner tonight and everything but I ate barely anything proper - only nearly a full freaking chocolate cake by myself.

So as stupid as it sounds, I really wanted some real food right now.  And I’m a greedy bastard; I must have a high metabolism though, because the food never goes anywhere.  

“Yeah well believe it,” I sighed, rummaging in my bag for my phone.  Pulling it out I noticed a message on it.  Here we go again!

What was the point in that?

Deleting the message off Evan, I dialled dominoes number and ordered a cheese pizza as they finished getting ready in my living room, and I just knew they were gonna leave it looking like a freaking tip again.

I went back into the living room and switched the telly on, finally settling on two and a half men while Leanne and Jenna argued over who was phoning the taxi.

Finally losing my patience with them, I snapped “I’ll phone the fucking taxi” and grabbed my phone again.  No new texts, that was good news I suppose.

While I called the taxi, my best friends sat down on the sofa on either side of me.

“If you want, we could ditch Richie’s party and head in town?” Leanne asked when I came off the phone.

“Nah don’t be stupid, I’ve got a pizza coming anyway,” I told her.

“Are you sure?” Jenna wondered. 

“Yeah,” I laughed.  “Now are you ready?”

“Think so,” Jenna said.

“Okay, well have fun and if you want I’ll leave the door open if you wanna come back here after,” I explained.

“We have our own houses you know?” Leanne snapped jokingly.

“What the hell are you doing here then, get lost!” I joked as my phone started going off from the taxi ring back.

“Ok we need to go, bye hun,” Leanne panicked, giving me a quick hug and then running through to the bathroom to check her make-up.

“Bye babe,” Jenna said giving me a cuddle.  “If you change your mind just text.”

“Will do,” I replied and then shouted through “Bye” as they both left the flat.

A chorus of ‘bye’ answered, before my door slammed shut and I was left on my own.  Well, this is new - a Saturday night in.  What do people do on a Saturday night anyway?  Checking the time I saw it was only 11pm, which was still early in Emma language.

What am I supposed to do for the rest of the night then?

Just as I was thinking this, my door went and I grudgingly got up and answered it to find my pizza waiting for me.  Even the smell of it was making my stomach grumble, so I quickly paid the greasy old man delivering hoping to hell he hadn’t been the one to make it, and collapsed back in front of the sofa. 

Two and a half men had finished and next up was the comedian Lee Evans, so I got comfy watching him and nearly pissing myself laughing.  I swear if you’ve never seen Lee Evans, have a watch the guys a freaking genius.

Two slices in and my stomach decided it couldn’t take anymore food.  I felt sick!  Really sick.  So curling up on the sofa, with the ton of hairspray that had been sprayed in here trying to choke me, I got comfy and passed out.

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