ch 2. Assassination classroom?

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Izuku's POV:
Yesterday my mom came to visit me to see if I was handling myself of course I'm not, but I told her I am, to not worry her anymore than she already is. The first day was kinda rough, but it was better than expected to be honest. People just kept staring at me and talked about me, I mean it isn't unusual, I've been through it before. The worse that could have happened was me getting beat up, I was just lucky enough to avoid that from happening, thankfully.

Month 2:
It was the same as last month. Mom said she might not be able to come as often because of her work and I'm fine with it, why wouldn't I be? I'm used to being alone anyways.

Month 3:
This month was a little... rough. This time I actually got in a fight, that a guy started, but I some how was the only one to get punished, which annoys me the most! And from the fight I ended up getting my hand broken, something else I'm also to.

Month 4:
This month was even worse! I got into even more fights! The guards ended up beating me near to death, I think you can tell what I'm going to say next, I'm used to getting beat near to death. Also if I didn't mention this, the food sucks, it makes me wanna die even more. There was this one guard that was nice to me, apparently he believes that I wasn't the traitor. He's the only nice person/guard to me.

Present/month 5:
I made it to the fifth month without dying or killing myself! Right now I'm eating in the cafeteria, when all of a sudden someone pulls my hair, forcing me to look up at the ceiling. "Hehehe, well, well, well, look at you. You know, you're kinda famous around here, for taking beatings and not screaming once! And to be honest it kinda irritates me. I've also heard that you're buddy buddy with one of the guards, which kinda puts a target on you." He says bending over to look at me in my eyes "You talk a lot." I said.

He then got an angry expression on his face "You little shit!" He then proceeds to throw me at the wall breaking my back "Oohhh, that hurts my baCK-" I said as i started to cough up blood. He then rushes at me to punch me in the gut, making me cough up more blood. I see him start to walk up to the table and grab a knife "Shit, I need to hurry." I mumbled as I try to get up "Where do you think you're going?" He was right behind me with the knife, he picks me up by my hair. Stabbing my left eye! "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" I scream in agony, he let's go of my green hair, dropping me on the ground. THAT BASTARD WAS SMIRKING!!! I pulled out the knife, my screams increasing from the pain. As soon as I pulled the knife out guards came in the cafeteria "GET THE PARAMEDICS NOW!!!!" One of them shouted "THEY'RE ON THEIR WAY!!!" One shouted back. Every thing started getting dark 'Looks like I'm finally gonna die. Huh? I'm gonna die in a prison that I'm at for being accused, haha kinda funny. But what about Jiro? She'll probably be fine without me, everyone will. Mom won't have to worry about me anymore. I won't have to worry! Seems like a deal to me.' Was the last thought I had before passing out completely.

In Izuku's mind scape:
"Where the hell am I?" I ask myself. I was in a grass field with a few flowers scattered here and there. It was very pretty but I couldn't care less. I still had no left eye which sucked. I turn to my right to find 9 people standing, well... more like 8 people because one of them was a yellow octopus with clothes on. I walk up to them "Who the hell are you guys supposed to be?" I asked with the same emotionless dull voice "Well, we are the...

. . . . . . . . Assassination classroom."

(A/N:Hey guys! That was a quick update huh? And yes there is more people, just two more tho. I had enough time to make this but it is pretty short, and I'm sorry about that😅 maybe in the next chapter I'll explain why I added the two other characters to train Izuku. But that might take a little longer to make, I mainly finished this because of a sudden motivation I had. And just before I forget to tell you, I'm taking a different approach, instead of the training camp, I'll do a U.S.J thing, because I feel like that's what got me to a dead end.)

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