Chapter 6

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Ty's POV

Wow, just wow, what even Sky.

Mitch's POV

I stared at the camera thinking about Betty and wherever the heck she was, I wanted to chop something up with her face when all of the sudden Adam yelled "AAAAAAYYYYYY PIZZA ROLLS!" from the hallway. I think he needs help, no offense but he acts like a dope sometimes. I grabbed the camera and waited for something when I found a paper plate doll in one of the party rooms, "Meh" I thought as I checked the cameras some more. I thought I heard something from one of the cameras. I looked back and saw that Twilight came off the stage. I checked the power. Shit. Only 2% left. I put down the camera and warned the others about it. Luckily it was almost 6 am, "WHY?! I JUST ABOUT DIED EARLIER, I DUN WANNA DIEEEE, IM TOO PRETTY!" He cried as he started hugging Ty when everything went black. That moment I heard the song. We waited for our deaths as I looked at my watch when I found out, WE SURVIVED NIGHT 2!

A/N About that, I understand that Freddy comes out on Night 4+, Chica Night 2+, Foxy Night 3+, and Bonnie Night 1+. But this is a FANFICTION! So I can do whatever I'd like, I just wanted to tell you guys so you wont yell at me afterwards.

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