After crying you calm down and thanked Jack for being there and comforting you “So what’s the problem? You were crying like there’s no tomorrow? And I’ve noticed that you have there... aaa... gift?” Jack asked you

“Ohw... Never mind the gift... I just wondered that Louis was really doing his effort for Elly...” you said

“Well... If the person was really in love to a boy/girl? He/she will do his 100% effort for the person they love... and also the person that they love will appreciate everything and to give them love back” said Jack

“Thanks for always being there for me Jack... *smiled*” you thanked him

“Well... (y/n)? I have something to tell you that’s very important... Since were here together and no one is around, all I want to say is-...” Jack stops

“Louis?!” you said and saw Louis standing outside and left Jack

“Ok.. Jack?! There she goes?” said Jack and followed you

“What are you doing here Lou?” you asked Louis “The prom will be starting already, but I don’t see Elly... She said that she’ll go to the comfort room? Is she there?” he asked you “Ah... Oh?..

*Flashback – you saw Elly kissing with another guy... She enters the Comfort room after she threw the gift into the garbage can*

No... I didn’t see her there...” you lied because you don't want Louis to get hurt.

          Then Jack asked the two of you enter the gym ‘coz the party were about to start... After the opening program the others started to dance at the ball with their Date partners, while dancing with Jack you saw Louis was sitting alone at the table and no signs of Elly with him. You asked Jack will stop on dancing and help Louis to find Elly, and the two of you went out of the gym go find Elly and Louis noticed the two of you and got curios and followed you...

        And there you saw and caught Elly was kissing with another guy once again “How dare you do this to my best friend” you slapped the girls face “How dare you slap me with no reason?!” and slapped you back and you begin to pull her hair and Jack’s trying to stop the both you but he didn’t.

        Then Louis came out to find the two of you he hear noises and followed it and then he saw you pulling Elly’s hair “(y/n)?” Louis said and then you stop and saw Louis “Louis?!” you said and Elly ran to Louis and hugged him and said “What’s wrong with your friend? I didn’t do anything but then she pulled my hair” Elly cried “No... That’s wasn’t the true story? Louis?!” you said “Stop it (y/n)! I thought you’re the one I’ll trust with but it’s NOT! C’mon now Elly... Let’s go fix yourself...” Louis said and left you.

          “But Lou?” you tried to stop him but it was too late and you you left the party “(y/n)?!” said Jack “Where are you going?” he asked you “I’m going home... This party sucks!” and walked home “Ayay?! This is not good?!” Jack rubbed his head.


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