Chapter 44

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The doctor walked in. Things were still tense. It was palpable and I imagine hard to ignore.

"Everything okay?" he inquired.

I quickly reined in my emotions. I was getting better at it, having so much practice lately.

"Thank you for coming so quickly," I said giving him my full attention.

He nodded and walked over to Tina. "Happy to see those eyes open," he told her.

"I'm numb, on this whole side." I hated seeing how frightened Tina looked as she spoke.

The doctor reached over and removed the bandage from the side of her head. He inspected the incision. Tina's hair was shaved in that area.

He pulled out a flashlight and checked out her pupils. "What's your name?"

"Tina Worthington-Braggin."

I smiled at her as she added that last part in and she tried to smile back.

"Braggin? So, you two are related."

"I'm his sister. Adopted."

"That explains a lot. Where do you live?"

"4222 Fuller Street. I have an apartment there. Why are you asking me all of these questions?"

"Just checking your memory. What month were you born?"


"Why aren't you answering my question?"

"In due time, Tina. Can you move your fingers for me?"

I watch as her fingers moved and Tina's eyes lit up with surprise.

"And your toes?"

Again, she could move them.

"There is a very good chance the numbness that you feel will subside in a few days."

"And if it doesn't?" Tina asked being ever practical.

"Then we'll deal with it then. Do you have any pain?"

"I have a headache and my throat is sore."

"I'll have the nurse give you some medicine for the pain. Your throat is sore from the breathing tube used during surgery. I'll have them give you some ice chips. It'll help with the discomfort."

"How long will she be here?" I asked.

"Depends on her recovery. Most often times it's 24 hours. Since she's experiencing numbness, we may need to hold her longer."

Tina I could tell had a ton more questions, she wasn't asking. I guess she figured it could all wait until they figure out the first problem. Then something occurred to her, I could see it written on her face.

"The funeral? The viewing?!"

The doctor looked at me for an explanation.

"Our father has passed recently. He is to be buried this Saturday."

"You really have been through a lot," he said smiling at me sympathetically.

"I know this may be difficult for you but your health must come first. We'll have to play it by ear," the doctor informed Tina.

Tina's eyes filled up with tears. "You mean I may not be able to attend?"

I took Tina's hand in mine. "He's right, Tina. You have to put yourself first. You know my... our father would totally agree with that."

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