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chapter 1

" Katie, get your fat ass up!"

This is what i hear at 7 am on monday morning. Too bad its the harsh voice of my brother instead of my mom's soft,musical voice. My mom and dad were on vacation leaving me alone with my brothers and sisters. I groan and and throw the covers off myself. As soon as my body gets used to the freezing cold temperature I move torwards my closet to find some clothes.

" Katie get up!" my brother yells...again.

" I'm up!" i shout.

I grab my toothbrush and head to my bathroom. I have an ajoined bathroom to my room because i have five brothers and two sisters. Its only fair. Once inside the bathroom I strip down and turn my shower on. The nice warm water pounds on my skin and I feel yesterdays and todays stress melting away. I wash my body with my vanilla shower wash and shampoo my hair. By the time I get out the shower its 7:30. i rush brushing my teeth and drying off.  Back in my room i slip on some black skinnies and a forest green long sleeve t~shirt. Throwing my long,curly black hair in a ponytail and putting on my black and white converse, Im ready to go. I put on some mascara and blush. no time for anything else. Grabbing my bag and coat i rush down the stairs.

my brother is sitting on the counter in the kicthen chewing on toast. " Finally! ,he says. "I thought I was going to have to send a search party upstairs."

I roll my eyes and grab his second piece of toast. he doesnt protest because its too late for me to make my own. Everyone else was already at school because they get rides from their friends or they walk. Greg and I are in high school so we dont have to worry about getting rides. The school is right down the street from our house.

"Cmon before we're late sis," greg says to me. We put on our coats and leave locking the door behind us. 

Once we get to school I start walking to my locker. Greg walks over to his girlfriend, Macy, and they start making out. 'Ewwww.' My brother is what they call a regulation hottie. He has brown hair that fall into his hazel eyes. Muscles that you can see through his shirt and tell he's been working on them all summer.Macy has blond hair and shes tall lean and fit with green eyes. I turn away and start to unlock my new locker. " Katie!" I turn around to see my best friend Claire runnung towards me,her blond curls bouncing behind her and her blue eyes lighting up. I smile at her and she hugs me hard. Once she lets go she imediately starts gossiping. "Ohmyhgosh have you seen the new english teahcer?' 

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