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Lily's POV

Adonis and I hadn't seen each other in three weeks and I missed him the most. It was the beginning of a new year so he was travelling to different branches to see them and I had so many projects right now. He has been abroad and I was literally pinging around the world but our schedules and locations never aligned so it was hard. We had been video calling all the time and we were constantly texting but I missed him so much.

I am going to fly to Manchester because he was being honoured and getting an award so I was just going to pop in we spend the night then I have to go to Tokyo the next morning but I just wanted us to spend some time together and I wanted to be there for him. I had planned with Norman and he was going to get me into the gala without him knowing so I could surprise him while he accepted his award.

I had to finish my photoshoot then I had my private jet waiting to take me to Manchester. Jenny let out a sigh and said, 'I know you're excited to see your fiance but you need to focus so you finish.'

I rolled my eyes at her, Jenny and my glam team hadn't stopped teasing me about Adonis. It was every moment of everyday with these guys. The photographer clapped and said, 'Well Lily, that is it. Thank you, I'll be seeing you again soon for sure. '

I smiled sweetly and said, 'Thanks Juan.'

He smiled back and said, 'Okay go on to see your fiance.'

I playfully rolled my eyes and he just chuckled. I went to change out of the clothes I was wearing at the photoshoot. Jenny had organised and all my bags were on the jet at the tarmac. We were late on the schedule and I wasn't sure if I was going to be on time to give him the award. When Norman told the organiser that I was surprising Adonis, the organiser had insisted that I be the one to honor Adonis and hand him the plaque that the Charity Organisation had made for him.

He said he liked Adonis and anything to make him happy. We sped onto the tarmac and a few minutes we had taken off. I knocked out on the flight because I was already mad tired and I wanted to have energy when we get there. An hour before we land I was showering and my glam team was going to get me ready. It was literally straight from the tarmac to the location of the gala. Norman organised a car to take me straight there.

I open my eyes and Jenny said, 'Okay Kiara it's time.'

I was all showered and I was sitting in a bath robe so my glam team could do their thing. Julissa hummed and said, 'Okay everyone, hair and make up has to be sexy. The newly engaged couple haven't seen each other in forever.'

I deadpanned at Julissa and she shrugged and laughed. They got started and I was texting Adonis. As far as Adonis was concerned I was leaving for Tokyo in a bit and he was complaining he didn't want to go for the award ceremony but I convinced him to go.

Lily's outfit for surprising Adonis at the Charity Gala

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Lily's outfit for surprising Adonis at the Charity Gala

We had just landed and I was walking down the stairs to the car that was waiting. The driver smiled and he howed and said, 'Miss Hart. I'm Deacon Mr Hamilton's driver.'

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