While waiting for Louis at the backfield at the school, you saw Elly with another guy and their so very sweet to each other. And you saw Louis coming to you and you rapidly run to Louis and said “Come Lou! I need to go home now!” while your pulling him “Oh?! OK then... (y/n)? Wait stopped pulling me” Louis said.

On your way home with Louis “(y/n)? It seems you act different few past days? And now? Are you ok?” Louis asked “Oh! I’m fine Lou... why?” you said “Just nothing... If you have any problems? You can tell it to me or share it...” and he stopped “Remember this... I’ll be always at your side... You are my BEST FRIEND (y/n)... since we were kids until now... and no matter what happens I’ll be there for you...” he said “OH! *laughs* why so serious Lou? Come on now...” you smiled and started to walk and when Louis went home and you reached home and took a shower and sit in front of the mirror thinking about Louis

*Flashback – Looking at his sparkling eyes and the way he smiled at you*

“*sighs* This must be love? He sayin?” you said *Flashback – Louis was crying because of Elly’s rejection to him, you saw Elly with a another guy* “Why I can’t tell it to Louis?” you asked yourself “I just don’t want to see him sad...” *Flashback - “Remember this... I’ll be always at your side... You are my BEST FRIEND (y/n)... since we were kids until now... and no matter what happens I’ll be there for you...” Louis said to you* “Why?” you said and your heart starts to beat faster again and Louis was flashing into your mind “OH! Stop thinking about him! We’re just Friends?!” you said.

Next day...

“OMG! Tomorrow will be out Prom night can’t wait” said Louis “Yeah... Me too...” you said “You’re coming? So you have a date?” as he pointed at you “Oh no.. I just wanted to see you with Elly that’s all... he he he but there’s Jack who ask me to be his partner... then I say yes” you said “Ok then GOOD to hear at least you have a partner... Hmm I bought her a gift and it’s a teddy bear... I hope she’ll like it...” he said “Of course she will Lou... Have faith?!” you slap his arm and then separate your ways because you have different classes.

          Later, Seniors Prom night...

Your friend Jack, fetches you at your home while Louis is going to fetch Elly. “Hey?!” said your friend “Huh?” you said “You’re sad? What’s the problem?” he asked “Oh nothing.. I was just thinking about Louis... that’s all...” you said “Oh? Why? I’ve heard it that he’ll be dating with Elly... the most known at our school...” Jack said “Elly? Ee? Wow! Louis’s lucky to have that girl for the prom...” you said.

        The two of you reached school you saw Elly with a another guy again and this time there kissing “Where’s Louis?” you said “C’mon now (y/n)? Let’s enter the school gym...” and you grab his arm and escort you to the party and there you saw Louis standing and holding a two cup of juices and looks like his waiting for Elly. “Wait for a minute Jack.. I need to go to the CR... be right back...” you said “Ok.. I’ll wait here” Jack said and then you go.

          While fixing yourself at the comfort room you saw Elly enters the CR and she threw something on the trash can. And he put her lipstick on and left. After she left, you take a look for what she threw on the garbage can and saw a beautiful gift and picked it up and open it.

        And when you open it, you saw a teddy bear inside of it and has a letter and you read it “Dear Elly, since the day you reject me... I never give up... No matter what happen I’ll always love you until you’ll accept me but when you say yes when I asked you for the Prom... I was so Happy and glad... I’ll always love you Elly... Love: Louis” and you cried and sit on a bench...

Meanwhile Jack was looking for you and he saw you sitting at the bench crying and he ran to you “(y/n)?! Why are you crying?” he asked and you just cried and Jack hugged you “Sshhh... Stop crying now (y/n)...” while his sliding his hand to your head.


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