"Summer!" I call as everyone starts to walk home from the bus stop.

"Yeah?" She spins around squinting her eyes because of the sun.

Awh! She's so fecking cute!

Oh god I'm starting to sound like her...

"Wait up!" I say running to catch up with her. As I retch her I grab her hand and we walk down the road towards her house.

"So what are you planning on doing when you open this box?" I ask as she slides it out from under her bed.

"I don't know" she claps her hands and sits cross legged on the floor in front of it.

"I don't even know what's in it" she says running her hand across the names.

Slowly she clicks the locks open and pushes the heavy lid open.

"Shit..." She whispers


"What is it?!" Bailey asks sitting down next to me.

"Photo albums! Boxes! Bits of of paper!" I squeal throwing a photo album on the floor and flicking through the pages. The hole book is pictures of Molly!

There 5 other books in the box and each one is filled with pictures of one of us. A hole book dedicated to one persons.

"What are these?" Bailey says picking up scrap bits of paper.

Quickly he unfolds them and reads out a number.

"Who's numbers that?" I asks as he looks up.

"I don't know but it's American" he looks up at me.

We search through the box finding old photos, information and old school reports.

"Bailey... I think I know who's number this is" I say as my cheeks lose colour.

Slowly he looks up and gives me a reassuring look before handing me my phone I'd left on the bed.

Slowly I push my self up off the soft carpet and sit at my windowsill before typing in the long numbers.

It seemed to ring for ages before someone picked up.

"Hello?" An American lady answers.

My heart becomes to big for my chest and I start panicking.

Quickly Bailey runs over and takes the phone out of my hand.

"Hello, urm this is Bailey McConnell" he says into the phone as I stare at him.

"Can I help you?" She asks as he puts it on loud speaker.

"Urm yes.... I'm Summer Horans boyfriend, I believe you know her"

A sharp gasp is heard and ten a long silence.

"Is she there... With you?" She whispers.

"Yeah, would you like to speak to her?" He asks comeing closer to me.

"Yes please" her voice has gone all quite.

"Hello?" My voice cracks into the phone as Bailey hands it to me and stands next to me.

"Is that really you?" She whispers.


"And are you with Molly?" She asks

"Yeah" I whisper.

"My twins" she cries.

"Bailey go get Molly" I hit him and he runs out the room.

"You must be what 15 now?" She says.

"Yeah. I was on your with Cameron not long ago" I say.

"I know. I desperately tried to find you but you were moving around so fast." She chuckles.

"Summer I'm busy! Leave me alone!" Molly says as she walks in.

"Is that Molly?" My mum says.

"Who's that?" Molly says as her face goes white. She recognised her voice.

"Our mum" I whisper.

She just stands there looking at me.

"Girls have you got Skype?" She asks through the phone.

"Yeah... We will call you..." Molly says grabbing my laptop and setting it down on my desk.

"Are you sure that's actually her?" Molly asks typing in my password... I must change that.

"Yeah, I found the number in the red box" I say pointing to the mess Bailey and I had made on the floor.

"You couldn't help your self could you?" She laughs.

Nope. No I couldn't.

Soon we had been on Skype with our mother for 2 hours discussing what had happened in our hole life's.

"And we could go to the beach everyday!" Molly screams as she suggests we go and live over there

"What about Bailey?..." I whisper as I hear him curse at Brandon.

I can't leave him after everything that's happened. No. Not ever.



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