Note: The word "wonderwall" means "the person you constantly find yourself thinking about". This song is simply about the feelings human beings get when they experience the initial stages of love and infatuation (limerence). It describes the volleying between euphoria and agony that a crush can make you feel. [form:] and this story was made up because of the song "Wonder Wall" by Oasis...

        Back in 1997, your family lives on (your place) and you live there already for 3 years. Your family welcomed the newly transferred family the Tomlinsons and they had a son with your same age. Your parents and Louis’s parents become very close to each other. Every occasion of the Tomlinsons, your family was always invited.

        One time Louis’s father went to visit your home

*door bells*

your father reached for the door to open “Oh hey! Phil! Your here?” said your father “I’m here to visit my best buddy Tom! And Oh! By the way I’m with my son Louis” his father introduced Louis to your father

“Hi Louis, I’m uncle Tom... I have a daughter... you want to meet her?” your father asked Louis and he nod “C’mon, she’s up stairs... And oh Phil come in and feel at home...” then your brought Louis in to your room


“Hello dear...” said your father standing at the door while you’re playing with your teddy bear “Hi daddy...” you said and you saw a boy who’s hiding at his back and you approached your father and said “Who is he?” you asked “(y/n)? This is Louis Tomlinson... He’s the son of Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson our closes neighbour...” your father said while Louis was to shy to see you

“Hi Louis, Don’t be shy I’m (y/n). We can be friends, don’t be afraid of me... Here, you can play my teddy bear” you instroduced yourself to him and gave your teddy bear and he took it. “Ok then... you can play here, and I will attend first your uncle Phil downstairs... Have fun you two...” your father left the both of you on your room.

          Since that day, You and Louis become closed friends and plays together with the Teddy bear. Years pass, the both of you enter school at the same school and class.

On your break, there was bullying Louis and taking his juice away from him and you save Louis from the bullies and take back his juice and said “From now on! I’ll be there for you Lou...” “Thanks... (y/n)!” and he hugged you and your classmates teases you “(y/n) and Louis... sitting on a tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!” and Louis stops your classmates “Stop it! She’s my friend! Don’t tease her!” he said and went to you and said “I’ll always save you from them too, (y/n)!” Louis said.

After your childhood days, you are already on your High school level, Louis was still your classmate, and you’re always together.

One time, Louis had a crush to Elly and Elly doesn’t like him and rejected him and he cried.

        You always support Louis when it comes to his Love life and always give him some advices “Don’t cry Louis, maybe it’s not yet the time to confess at her... Or soon! Don’t act like a kid and cry for her... This was only your first trial...” you said

“Are you sure (y/n)? I really, really like Elly... Or maybe I’m in love with her already?!” Louis said “*tickled him* OH! Huh! Louis Love Elly!” you tease him and went home together.

Few months later, your prom will be on Saturday night and you don’t still have a partner and you were thinking about Louis “hmmm... Maybe he’ll be with his crush Elly... Neh?! I don’t have any chance with him...” lied on the bed and slap your face “why am I thinking about Louis?!” and sit and shook your head and went to your window looking for Louis outside, and when Louis was there, and he saw you by the window and waved at you and smiled...

while his waving at him you felt that your heart was beating faster and hold your chest “Please... NO!” as you closed you eyes.

          And when you open your eyes you saw Louis in your room

“LOUIS!” you screamed

“Oh? It’s like you’ve seen a ghost?! Are you ok (y/n)?” and he sits beside you and hold your forehead and neck

“I’m just fine, Lou.” You said

“So do you have a partner for the prom?” he asked

“Oh... I’m not going to the prom?” you said

“But why?” he asked “No one asking me for a date... how ‘bout you?” you look at him and saw his eyes sparkling and he’s smiling at you “I mean YOU! Do you have a partner to the prom?” and step backwards

“OH! YEAH! Elly let me to be his partner and date for the prom!” he said happily “Oh good for you...” you said smiling “and Oh... By the way I’m going to the clothes shop... I need to buy new clothes for the prom so I can be more presentable to Elly... Ok (y/n)! Bye then...” hugs you and left

“Yeah... bye?” you wave at Louis sadly while Louis was walking away from you...


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