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A/N: this happens in like every fic of mine lmao oops

Dear Luke,

OH MY GOD. YOURE KIDDING ME. OH MY GOD. ALL TIME LOW. Why would you even... You could've just sold it...

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH. I literally yelled when I saw the ticket, and my dad came to check that I wasn't being murdered or something.

And... I wouldn't mind a ride... I mean, I could just take the bus if it's a problem, but...

Thank you so much though!!!

Last time they came to Australia, I missed them :( I'm so excited!

I can't even process anything else at the moment! I need to learn to breathe again. Oh my god, oh my god. Thank you so much. Oh my god.


Ps: good luck on maths!! You've got this.

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