Chapter 14

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Since I wrote this chapter entirely for James, I present you the look & feel of him above (he's like that in my mind, at least)!

"Rum 'n Coke, please," I say to the bartender.

"Make it two," James says.

"Make his double," I say, "This man needs it."

"She does too," James says

I chuckle, "I have early flight tomorrow."

"I thought we're booked for 10 am?"

"10 am is early flight in my book."

"Of course."

"So what do you think of the dinner tonight?"

"Do you really want to talk about that?" he asks

"No. But I don't know what else to talk about with you. I can't ask unnecessary questions cause you're gonna whine about it..."

"So what kind of connections do you have with Prince William?" he asks

I nearly choked my drink. "What?"

"Prince William wouldn't appear in such event like that. Prince William wouldn't even appear in Cosmo, let alone American Cosmo. So what's the story?"

I look at him. He grins.

"You googled," I say, "Of course."

"Oh no, I had someone investigated for me."

"Someone? You sent a spy to investigate?"

"Yap, so I know a bit more than anybody else."

"Why would you do that? That is very nosy."

"Look. When Tat presented to us that Prince William will be at the event, nobody believed him. It's effing impossible! And we obviously can't let Toyota down at the event, so the Board asked me to make sure. It's purely business."

"Did you tell your findings to anyone else?"

"Nope. I just told the Board it's secured."

"Why, what were your findings?"

"Enough to convince me to told the Board that it is secured."

"You could have told me!"

"Pamela, the last thing I wanted to do was calling you to my office and talked about your past love story."

I laugh, "You have a point."

"So you broke his heart."

"I did not... Do we have to talk about this?"

"I am impressed actually," he smirks.

"You didn't think I had it in me, did you?"

"Not to the level of Prince William, no," he says and we chuckle.

"So he must have very disappointed when he knew you have acquired a boyfriend," he says

"Can't we change subject?"

"He walked out of that room looking like he's about to burst in tears," James giggles

"James, stop this or I will leave."

"Oh come on," James says

"How about you, who are you dating?"

"Nobody," he says, sipping his drink.

"Horseshit. Aren't you dating Nigela something."

"I am not dating Nigela."

"Why, I bet it's because she's got much more substance than you."

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