Unconscious Minds Tend to Wander.

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Voices swarmed around in my head. They were all saying different things.

"... Is she in a plane of consciousness where she can hear us?"

"She should be..."

"Can she hear us?"

"Does she know that we're not just voices?"

What were the voices talking about? Of course they were just voices!

"Look at that, she doesn't even address us directly! You said that you were working on it!" The scratchy-sounding voice from the Wireless Tower argued.

"Settle down. Just because she hasn't figured it out doesn't mean that she won't in time." The voice that sounded like the one from the Daybreak Ruins calmly replied in his smooth voice.

What were they even talking about? Figure what out??

"Excuse me, my Lady, but we would like you to address us yourself and ask us."

Looking around my swirly purple dream, I tried to locate the source of the voices.

Where am I?, I tried to convey my thoughts, seeing as though the voices could already hear them.

"I thought we had already answered that?" The scratchy voice said with a bemused tone in his voice. "In short, you're unconscious in real time, but conscious in this plane of your conscience."

I nodded. Okay... But why? What are you? What do you want? How can you read my thoughts if you're 'not just voices'?

"We may not be able to answer all of your questions, my Lady." The smooth voice said in a quieter voice. "Some of the answers are ones that only you know. But we can tell this one thing... You can understand the Pokemon's special language."

How do you know that you've got the right girl?

"You know the key to open the Ancient Gate." The smooth voice cryptically said.

What are you talking about? What key?

"You'll realize soon enough. If we told you, you wouldn't know how to use it. You must figure out what it is by using it to understand what we mean. Do you understand?"

Actually, that just screwed with my mind more. What exactly were they trying to accomplish?

Now you're just trying to mess with me.

The scratchy voice laughed. "Actually, he's right. As formal and as cryptic as he may be, he tells the truth."

He's as cryptic as a fortune cookie.

"I'm trying to help you." The smooth voice insisted, although his tone showed that he was extremely amused with my reaction.

"I'll give you a hint to decoding his riddle." Scratchy offered. "What he said about understanding Pokemon is true. Those little voices you hear are actually the voices of Pokemon. The more you exercise your ability, the stronger it becomes."

How do I know that you're telling the truth?

"You have no choice but to believe us." Scratchy replied, although I knew that he had a straight answer that he wasn't telling me.

"Little Bit?" A voice said, sounding as if I was hearing it at the end of a tunnel.

Wait, was that Ben?!

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